Make You Mine by Tia Louise Review

5 Smooches


I am a sucker for a British Man and a second chance romance! And boy oh boy did Callum come through for me. the connection between Nicole and Callum is hot and instant. Leave it to Corinne Micheals to make me fall for a couple and then make me work for their HEA.

Not Until you is hot and sexy and perfection all around. It’s impossible not to love these two characters and become instantly attached. I have always been a fan of the author and my love for her only grows with each book she puts out.


 I loved this brother’s best friend story. It put me through the gamut of emotions and I personally loved every single second of it. It starts off with a punch, light and fun moments mixed with the anticipation of leaving for the military. Time passes but the connection between Nicole and Callum never fades. I was instantly drawn in and eager to continue reading to get their full story.

At times they broke me, brought me to the edge of tears. But their journey put those broken pieces back together again. This was a story you definitely do not want to miss.