Jan 30

Messy Love by Stephanie Witter Review

4 Smooches


It was messy.
It was raw.
It was love.


The first time I laid eyes on Wyatt Burton was outside of my biological mother’s house. Abandoning me twenty years ago, I never knew that meeting her would change my life so completely. In fact, there were many things that I never expected that day, but there were a few things I knew for sure. Nothing would ever be the same–not even me. And it was all about to get very MESSY.


Marissa Thornton deserved so much. She was beautiful beyond reason and never took my shit. She drew me in, while driving out the worst in me. But when she let me in, trusted me completely, I thought I could finally let down my guard and find true happiness. I was wrong. Dead wrong, about myself, about her, and most importantly about the binds of LOVE.


Marissa first laid eyes on Wyatt at her biological mothers house, the mother who had abandoned her all those years ago but who has now adopted Wyatt. Although they both are attracted to each other Wyatt’s past and his demons forces him to continually push Marissa away. Will Wyatt ever be able to put his past behind him to allow Marissa to help him heal or will Wyatt’s anger and self destruct attitude keep her away for good and his past catch up and endanger all that he loves?

“I had always thought that being a good person was easy. I had been so damn wrong I’d laugh if only my fucking heart weren’t about to irremediably break and if I wasn’t so scared.”

This was a heart breaking and complicated love story and yet it was also beautiful at the same time. Two people who are both broken in their own way trying to heal their broken pieces and find a way to let go of the past so that they can have a future!

“For once, I had to figure out a way not to hurt someone and repair who I had broken. That was, to some extent, for me too.”

It was easy to like Marissa- a shy and sweet young woman and yet she also had a strong back bone and courage to defend those she loved no matter what. My heart broke for her as Wyatt kept pushing her away because you could feel the depth of emotion she had for him. Wyatt might have been a harder character to love for some, but for me I completely got him even in the beginning. He was terrified that his past would harm Marissa and his desperation for a loving family was heartbreaking. Yes he would push Marissa away but that’s because he truly thought things would be better that way and I could understand that.

“And then, finally, he kissed me with a tenderness that chased all the darkness that threatened to swallow us today.”

This was a romance story with real grit and a hardness around it. The relationship between the two main characters was not one I had read about before so I found that unique and interesting. It wasn’t all hearts and flowers- this was a hard fought love and there were some definite jaw-drop-intense moments that added another layer to the love story. There was chemistry and danger- a great combination to keep me hooked throughout! The ending was intense and nail biting but we get there in the end with a sweet epilogue that finishes the story well!



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