Nov 15

Nightshade by Molly McAdams Review

5 Smooches


The heart-stopping final installment in New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams’s Redemption series.

My life has never been my own. From the time I could walk, I was trained to be the mob’s hardened assassin. To be a monster. I’ve been told what to do, when to kill, and who to love. The minute I strayed, I lost everything.

Then I met Jessica.

She swept into my life like a storm of heartache, seduction, and intrigue. She’s everything I hate, but with one look, I can’t stay away. With one touch, she ignites a craving unlike anything I’ve ever known.

But her secrets threaten to destroy everything closest to me. Including her…

Together we’re poison. A destructive combination of darkness and chaos. And I want to savor every drop in my veins.


Nightshade has been trained to kill and protect since he could walk. And it was all for the one girl he loved and needed to protect always- which ended up in him losing her to someone else. Now he is surrounded in the darkness, until Jessica comes crashing into his life. He should hate her, despise her…but he can’t resist her. But Jessica is just as messed up and dangerous as he is. Will their lives poison each other until there is nothing left or will they both be able to find some light in their darkness? 

“Happiness. That word would never touch my life again. Happiness wasn’t meant for girls like me. Girls like me grasped the only thing we could find that kept us alive. And for me? That was this. These moments that slowly killed me a little at a time.”

I have been NEEDING Kieran’s story since Firefly ended. I was so sad for Kieran at the end of Firefly and I couldn’t wait to read his story and desperately wanted him to get his happy ending. And let’s just say that Molly did not disappoint at all with his story. Just like Nightshade it was lethal, heart pounding, and sexy as hell.  

“I felt myself swaying toward him. Felt myself wanting to know what his chest and arms felt like beneath my fingertips. And I had no idea why. I shouldn’t feel that way. He was the enemy. A man who was disgusted by me. One I needed to hate.”

I loved Kieran in Firefly and I loved him even more in Nightshade. From the beginning of Firefly I felt so much for him; yes he was dangerous and quiet and over protective. But that protectiveness came from such a strong sense of love and duty and I honestly just wanted to hug him. In Nightshade he is still very much the lethal assassin and struggling with losing the girl he loved for so long but as the story progresses we finally get to see some true emotion from him which literally just made my heart melt for him. 

“My heart had never felt more out of control. And my darkness had never been more distant. Fucking chaos.”

I thought Jessica was the perfect match to Kieran’s darkness and intensity. A damaged but very strong young woman who knew how to stand up for herself and also could stand up against Kieran when most would run away screaming. She definitely had a vulnerability about her and darkness but she also had a very beautiful soul – the way she wanted to look after her mum despite everything.  

“What if I was made for you and you were made for me?”

As with Firefly this book was full of suspense, intensity, darkness and a lot of chemistry and hot scenes between the two main characters. A kind of follow on we are drawn straight back into the lobster world and Kieran having to again step into the role of protector to stop those he loves and cares for from getting hurt. It was a definite nail biter story…throughout I was screaming and crying at my kindle praying nothing terrible would happen. It is definitely not an easy ride for Kieran and Jessica and we are put through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Another brilliant addition to this series and the perfect book for Nightshade- I highly recommend this series. You will fall in love with the characters, their world and the darkness! 



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