Preservation by Kate Canterbary Review


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Preservation is a slow burning standalone romance that turns hot and steamy.

Two lonely hearts.
Just once, she’d like to be someone’s first choice.
She’s strong-willed and spunky, but she’s left picking up the pieces from her ex’s lies and manipulations, and daydreaming about taking a scalpel to his scrotum.

Flying under the radar is what he does best.
He’s laid-back and loyal, but he wants the most off-limits woman in his world, and nothing will ever make that a reality.

An arrangement of mutual benefit.
Two months, four dates.
Five, if things go well.
Five at the most.
But possibly six.
Definitely no more than six dates.
Only the appearance of a romantic relationship is required, and they expect nothing more from their time together. There will be none of those benefits involved.

One wild weekend.
After waking up in bed together–very naked and even more hungover–the terms and conditions of their arrangement no longer apply. Now they’re faced with something riskier than exposing their fake relationship: letting go of the past and zipping up the future.

Some things have to fall apart before they can be put back together.


Let’s begin by stating that this review will be vague at best because . . . you know . . . spoilers. So many spoilers. Amazing spoilers. GAH how I want to talk to you about all things spoilery but I can’t do it. That would be a disservice to you all as readers. But one piece of advice. When you are halfway through chapter one and can’t decide if you want to throw your kindle and abandon ship or embrace the uncomfortable, trust me, embrace it. Embrace it all and you will be rewarded with an amazing story.

If you are just starting your journey into the Walsh world you could start here since it is a complete standalone (I get it seven books is a commitment) but I highly recommend you go back to the beginning. There has not been one book in this series that has let me down and if you start with Preservation you will encounter some big ole family secrets/spoilers you would possibly want to avoid since I am confident that once you get a taste of Kate’s writing you will want to devour each of these book with an unquenchable thirst.

Without giving away the things I typically discuss in a review such as plot and characters let me tell you that Preservation is a delicious slow burn that makes you ache with the need for more as you read each page. So that leaves me trying to figure out what to talk about in this review. Let me just tell you what I love most about Kate Canterbary’s writing. She has this uncanny ability t write some of the smartest books I have ever read without making me feel dumb. Her writing is full of knowledge and information I know nothing about and by the end I am googling all kinds of things I never knew I was interested in before. Then there is the way she uses dialogue to move forward a story. Dialogoue is something I find to be a necessity in stories that so many slack on. When her characters talk I feel like I can hear them. When the Walsh siblings are sitting around a conference table arguing or simply talking over one another I feel like a fly on the wall constantly turning my head to keepĀ up with who is speaking. I love her use of dialogue and because of it her books read so fast and easy for me.

Seriously though, if you are on the fence about reading Preservation than you probably haven’t started the series, because if you have had a taste of her writing than I guarantee that she would already be a one click for you. So if you haven’t read her yet you need to go back to the start and jump feet first into Underneath It All. Each of these standalones is a superb story and together as a whole they make one of my personal all time favorite series.