Sep 21

Rock Me by Rebecca Brooke Review


5 Smooches

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I am not a victim.

At least that’s what I wanted to believe. What I wanted the world to see. Five years of trying to find the girl I hid from the world.

I wouldn’t let the bullies win. I couldn’t.

What was I supposed to do when he walked into the building? He’d made my high school years a living hell.

But, he doesn’t recognize me.

How do I prove he didn’t break me? Simple, take him home for a one-night stand.

At least it sounded like a good idea at the time.


Rebecca Brooke has once again given me a book I was unable to walk away from. I read an early copy of this story and could not believe this was her first jump into the rocker lifestyle.  Rock Me is a second chance romance that was never supposed to happen. Mari reunites with Cole years after her ugly duckling, being bullied days of high school. Only now that she has reinvented herself he doesn’t recognize her. He becomes enamored and she is torn for falling for who Cole is now and the boy who hurt her all those years ago.

Second Chance romances are always the ones that give me the most feels. The thought of all those years lost hurts but the idea that nothing is ever lost forever is exciting. I love Rebecca’s story telling and this was another hot for me. I fell for these two and loved their struggle. Rock Me is an exciting, fun, sexy, and heart-warming story wrapped up in the rock and roll lifestyle!