Mar 11

Sex God by Katie McCoy Review

3.5 Smooches


Austin James: Rock star. Sex god. And my brother’s best friend.

He was always my #1 crush – and off-limits – until a college hook-up showed me he was every bit the playboy his reputation promised. Now, he’s back after a mysterious break from the spotlight, offering an exclusive profile that could make any journalist’s career.

And he picks me.

Two weeks to land the scoop of a lifetime? I’m not about to let a little unresolved sexual tension stand between me and my big break. OK, a *lot* of sexual tension. Austin knows just how to push my buttons, and despite everything, the chemistry is too hot to ignore. My reporter instincts tell me he’s hiding something… but when he puts that rockstar mouth to work, I forget everything. Except how to kiss him again.

Can I figure out Austin’s secrets – before they break my heart? And will this off-limits romance find a way to become something real?


Mia has always had a crush on her brothers best friend, Austin James. But after one amazing kiss she hears him being a jerk about her with his mates and that’s the end of that. 8 years later and Austin James has succeeded in his dream of being a rock star and, after one uncomfortable run in at a work event bathroom, Mia is the journalist he picks to get the exclusive everyone is after. Will these two be able to move on from past hurts and the secrets their keeping to finally give in to the chemistry and emotion?

“I had kissed a lot of women in my life. But not one had ever lit me up the way that Mia did. Everything about her made me crazy.”

I’ve read a few of Katie McCoy’s books and enjoyed everyone and when I heard this was a rockstar romance I was even more excited, as a love a good rocker romance story! I have to say I didn’t love this as much as her other books but it was still an enjoyable read- it was a sweet, sexy and funny read with the easy writing I’ve come to enjoy from this author.

My main issue with this one was the characters- I didn’t connect with Mia and Austin as much as I wanted to but that didn’t stop me from enjoy the plot of this romantic comedy. It also didn’t mean that Mia and Austin has some hot hot hot chemistry between them!

“I’m sorry. But you’re better off without me.” He didn’t give me time to argue, he just walked away, leaving me alone in the cold night air with my heart breaking in two.”

Mia and Austin both had aspects that I really liked. Austin had this vulnerability about him that was so endearing and older Mia definitely had this strength about her which I admired. Although I couldn’t connect to them as much as I like to with characters they were both still enjoyable to read about and I definitely got behind them and wanted them to be happy together. Their history and romance was a complicated one and it isn’t a straight and easy ride for these two so they deserved their HEA!

“Just the two of us together, our eyes locked, unable to look away. The song was beautiful, but it was nothing compared to the man who was singing it.”

I loved the famous rocker and the journalist side of things- it was interesting reading their relationship grow and struggle while Mia was interviewing him. I was dreading the moment Mia’s brother, Luke, found out about them and that scene did not disappoint! There really were some intense moments between Austin and Mia and their chemistry was so good. We also had laughter, anger, sadness and drama- everything you need to enjoy a good old romance!