Sep 29

Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds Review


5 Smooches

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Ellie Anthony isn’t looking for love. She isn’t even looking for a man, but when Jax Mayson insists on keeping her and her daughter safe, she’s left with no choice but to trust him. Now she just hopes she doesn’t get hurt when she falls hard for a guy who’s known for breaking hearts.

Jax Mayson knows that Ellie is his BOOM the moment he sees her. When he finds out she has a daughter, he realizes he wants a family, and he will do whatever is necessary to keep both of his girls safe, even if that means facing the demons from his past.


“This is happening, Ellie. I won’t stop until every part of you belongs to me,”

Insta-love stories are not for everyone and I don’t love everyone I read but Aurora does them like no one else. She isn’t afraid to go for crazy and for her it really pays off. Her stories are over the top but by mixing the extreme element with characters you love and a plot that moves at a steady pace her books are impossible to put down.

“Nothing is going to happen to you, Ellie. No one is going to get close to you or Hope; you have my word.”

 Ellie and Jax move at lightening speed (like father like son) but never do they feel forced or fake. Ellie is a struggling and broken single mom doing her best to survive after a horrific kidnapping left her almost a sex slave. But Jax was there to rescue her and hasn’t left her side since. And Jax. Oh Jax. You are the cray cray man of my dreams. Alpha to the core he does everything I want my over the top alphas to do and then some. Possessive, protective and unwilling to back down when it’s important he takes control of Ellie and Hope’s lives in order to make sure they never have to struggle again.

“Can we have Skittle pancakes?”

Jax and Hope! Oh how I adored Jax and Hope. Something about a big burly alpha man who cannot say no to a little girl. He melted my heart when he loved her from the beginning and I swooned the entire book at their silly yet endearing interactions. I am a self named alpha-a-holic but give me an alpha male with a weakness for a child and I am in insta-love! The juxtaposition between their tough side, their sexy side and their too sweet for words side has me coming back for more again and again.

“I love this pussy. I love how wet you are. I love how tight it is, I love how I can feel it begging for me to fuck it,”

The best and worst thing about Aurora’s boos is that she sets up future books, I need Sages’ story like I need air for my next breath. Perfectly set up my mouth is watering for more details and I will be stalking her page and group for any inkling I can get. very few people write books I anticipate with such a fury and with each book of her’s I  read Aurora just cements herself on that list.


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