Sep 24

What Are The Odds by Kim Hatch Review


3.5 Smooches

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Life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned, especially when you’re Sutton Payne.

A long way from the bright lights of Las Vegas, the tiny town of Broken Bow, Nebraska, might as well be on a different planet as far as she’s concerned. But that doesn’t stop Sutton from taking a chance on a better life there.
Everything in Broken Bow seems perfect–except for Gwen’s grandson, Austin. The town veterinarian might be easy on the eyes and a huge help to his grandmother, but Sutton can’t see past his cold demeanor.
Until Gwen needs them both.
Forced to spend time together for the sake of Gwen, Austin rolls the dice and opens his heart to Sutton. But when you’re Sutton Payne, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. As her past catches up with her, and her new life comes crashing down around her, Sutton wonders if Austin will still bet on her, or if the odds were never in her favor to begin with.


Sutton is scared, alone, and once again trying to run from her past and find a place where she can finally feel safe and attempt to start a new life for herself. When her car breaks down she finds herself in the tiny town of Broken Bow and after the kindness an elderly woman called Gwen shows her, she decides to give her new life a try here. When Gwen’s grandson shows up, the very easy on the eyes town veterinarian, Austin, Sutton thinks his cold attitude means he doesn’t like her. But when they both come together for Gwen, both Austin and Sutton realise there is attraction and a connection between them. Will Sutton stay around long enough for their relationship to blossom or will her past catch up to her leaving her to run again? 

“When you find people that love you for all your light and darkness, let them.”

So part of me loved this story. It was a very sweet and romantic short read that was quite simply about two people falling in love. However, there is also a part of me that needed something else to happen to make it a bit more exciting as even the reveal of Sutton’s past fell a bit flat. But if what you are looking for is a short, purely romantic read, then I would recommend this book. 

“You made me see, that with the right person, life is so much better. For me, that person was you, and I hope that one day you find someone who is meant for you. You deserve that and so much more.”

Sutton and Austin were both very easy character to like. Sutton was definitely having a hard time at life but her love and the kindness she showed to people shone through and proved that despite having a rough time she wasn’t going to let it stop her being a good person. Austin was the man you would want to bring home to your parents. He looks after his nan, loves animals and gave off a old time gentlemen vibe with added sexiness. The way he was with Sutton and how open he was when saying how much he liked her, definitely made me swoon and made me want an Austin of my own! 

“Maybe I like messy. Maybe I want to be dragged into whatever you think is so dark. Maybe I can help. Just maybe, it won’t be so dark if you aren’t facing it alone.”

As I said this was a nice romance story and the characters were definitely likeable. Including all the back characters such as Gwen and Austin’s friends. The plot was following these two through their meeting and into their relationship ship and seeing if they would work out despite Sutton running from her past. We get an idea of what she is running from in the beginning and then the big reveal comes, which honestly for me, wasn’t too much of a reveal, and my heart definitely breaks for her but in the end it is all resolved pretty quickly. So this story had plenty of romance and characters I enjoyed reading about but it was missing a bit of drama or suspense for me, especially with the romance side happening quite quickly with not many speed bumps. Overall though I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quick romantic read. 


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