May 12

Wrong Place, Right Time by Elle Casey Review


3.5 Smooches

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Jenny’s single-parent life revolves around her kids and her job, which means that hours of Animal Planet and strings of computer code are about all she has time for. Not that Jenny’s looking for adventure or romance—she’s the type of woman who believes in playing it safe.

When Jenny is called upon to do some consulting for the Bourbon Street Boys—a New Orleans private security firm—she knows she should stay away. They conduct surveillance on known criminals and put themselves in harm’s way pretty much every day, so No is the obvious answer…Problem is, there’s a guy on the team with a body to die for and a dimple that just won’t quit luring Jenny in, tempting her to throw all caution to the wind.

Will Jenny take the risk or will she do what she’s always done—play it safe and wait for the right time?


So, I love Elle Casey, some of my all time favorite books have been written by her (If you haven’t read the Shine Not Burn series or the Rebel Wheels series get on that ASAP) and while the first book in this series was not a favorite of mine I still liked it enough to continue. I enjoy a suspenseful romance with alpha males as much as the next hot blooded woman, but this newest edition just was not my cup of tea.

Elle is a fabulous writer and that still shows through but for being as long as it is I found that it seemed to drag on for me and I got way too many details about things I was not interested in and then not nearly enough about the aspects of the story that intrigued me. On top of that I found Dev to be a little one dimensional for me. I  wanted to know more about him, his background and what makes him tick but I just didn’t feel like I got to know him all that well. I actually found myself more emotionally connected to Lucky than him. That being said I didn’t dislike him I just found myself ambivalent to him.

While Elle Casey remains an author I love and I am excited to try many more of her other series sadly I think this one is just not for me. I know a lot of people love this series and this book so once again this just proves that not every book is for every reader and that it is ok not to love every book an author you love outs out. While I will definitely continue to read Elle Casey books I am currently undecided if I will continue on in this series.