A Steel Heart by Amie Knight Review




Five seconds.
A deafening blast. Pain. Silence.
That was all it took for an IED to end my life as I knew it. The man I was shattered in a hard wave of sound and debris that rained down on me like death itself.
And six months later, after waking up to an inescapable hell, I found myself wishing that death had found me.

Until her.
Miranda Jacobs swept into my life like a cool breeze on a smoldering day.
With her smart mouth and her ridiculous jokes, she brought me back to life one minute at a time.

Turned out time wasn’t on our side.

Five seconds.
Screams. Twisted metal. Silence.
And I’d lost it all again—only this time, I had no one to blame but myself.



A Steel Heart is Amie Knight’s third novel, and the follow up to her amazing debut, See Through Heart. Knight has demonstrated unequivocally her talent for telling sometimes difficult, poignant stories. But they’re so much more than just gut-wrenching reads. Knight builds sweet romance, sizzling passion and the element of surprise into her stories as she effortlessly blends it all together with her sassy, Southern sense of humor. Hers are the kinds of stories that I easily get lost in, so wrapped up in the emotion of the tale—the kind of story that leaves me clutching my Kindle to my chest when I’m finished.

Though A Steel Heart is a standalone, readers met the heroine, Miranda, in See Through Heart. Miranda’s back story is covered completely in this book, and while it’s not necessary to read See Through Heart before reading this book, I highly recommend that you do because it was just so fantastic. I loved Miranda. Sweet, loyal, and a bit innocently naïve, this donut-loving, romance book editor was also strong enough to weather the storm of emotion that Holden brought into her life in this heartbreakingly real love story. A wounded veteran, Holden lost more than his leg in the war, and he returned to the states a lost, broken and angry man.

Set in Columbia, South Carolina, Holden moves in across the hall from Miranda. At first their relationship is tumultuous and a far cry from neighborly, but the quirky, cute, redheaded Miranda eventually wins the gruff, taciturn Holden over and so begins an epic romance worthy of the books she spends her days editing. I’d like to say they had smooth sailing and everything was easy, breezy… but that simply wasn’t the case. Holden’s problems were deep and intense, and these two are tested and tried as they confronted them. The emotion that Knight conveyed in those moments were every bit the sucker punch to my feels that she intended them to be. Knight gives voice to an amazingly passionate, slow burning romance and tells it in heartbreaking detail with a truly creative twist that left me gasping in surprise.

A Steel Heart is another amazing book from the incredibly talented Amie Knight. Five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo