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Accidental Alpha by Laurel Ulen Curtis Review

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Fifteen seconds to remember everything. 

Already an impossible task, the encroaching haze made it tougher.

Fifteen years spent making it on my own.
Fourteen days of freedom.
Thirteen years since my parents died.
Twelve nights of heaven.
Four people who’d give anything.
Three tries to get it right.
Two hearts to mend.
One chance in sight.

Nearly fifty years of evidence had me willing to wager no one had ever laughed or cried harder than I had.

But this story wasn’t just mine.
It was ours.


 EEEK!  I cannot tell you how I have been waiting for Allison’s book.  My mother and I both read this series and we have a relationship much like Allison and Haley and we have both been jonesing for Allison’s HEA so hard.  I am happy to report that I was not disappointed at all with Accidental Alpha.

I definitely recommend that you at least A is for Alpha Male before you start this book but even better that you read Secret Alpha too.  I recommend this because starting Accidental Alpha just felt like coming home.  I missed this cast of ridiculously funny characters and was immediately drawn in by their engaging banter and sweet love for each other.  The book starts off with Allison getting some devastating news and Wade dropping in for an unexpected visit.

“This is two times now that you’ve passed out at the sight of me.  Do it a third time and I might start to get offended.”

You do not get much of Wade’s personality in the previous books but boy did I grow to love him in this one and Allison still totally has the hots for this Tim Mcgraw look-a-like.

“Stupid big penis, mocking me despite my despair.”

It is so easy to fall in love with Wade this go around.  You can tell right away that he is good for Allison and that she really needs him in her life at this point in time.  They both have their reservations, after all they have both loved hard and lost but their attraction is a hard one to deny.

“What if I stayed on this road, kept driving and chasing the love she had to offer, and the sun of her life set before I could get there?” 

Their struggle to come together comes with a vacation cruise, crazy antics from their children (which I so enjoyed) and the a very big health scare.

One of my favorite things about this series is the relationship between Allison and Haley.  I sure did miss their ridiculousness.  It definitely reminds me of my mother and mine’s relationship and these two fool ladies had me in stiches laughing.

“You pickled his cucumber!”

And Wade and Danny’s relationship was super sweet, touching, and quite hilarious too.  But Wade was really the star of this book for me.  He was so unexpected.  So sweet, kind, nurturing, and loving right when Allison needs all that so badly.

“Then why are you starting at me like that?”

“Because I can’t look away.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Wade may be a total sweetheart but he sure knows how to go all alpha and give a good ass-smack in the bedroom.  😉

I loved this book so much.  It made me laugh.  It made me cry.  And then it made me laugh harder.  My favorite of the series, yet!  Oh and I cannot wait for Hunter’s story!  Soon, please, Laurel!~Amie

Two broken hearts to mend.

One chance in sight. 

Her and I together, we finally got it right.