May 08

An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight Review



The heart is exquisite.
You’ll never hear anyone wax poetic over an organ quite like they do the heart.
When you’re lost in the world? Follow your heart.
When your love for someone is unwavering, unparalleled and unprecedented? You give them your heart.
As a lead pediatric cardiac surgeon, I knew better than anyone that the heart is equally as powerful as it is delicate.
The heart giveth just as easily as it taketh away.
And until the day Kelly Potter darkened my doorway that was all just part of the job.
She rolled in like a slow evening storm, fierce and beautiful, fighting for the life of her unborn child.
It should have been business as usual.
I was a doctor.
Her child the patient.
But Kelly was more.
She was the one who got away.
I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.
It didn’t matter what the rules were.
For once, I was listening to my heart.



Amie Knight has simply blown me away with every single one of her books. Her writing style is sharp, witty, vividly detailed and rich in emotion. She creates characters that are endearing and relatable, and her heart-tugging stories are poignant, moving and passionate. They’re exactly the kind that I just sink into and get lost in.

An Imperfect Heart is a beautiful second chance romance. Anthony and Kelly met in a flurry of attraction, connection and passion – at what was, unfortunately, the wrong time in their lives. Through a series of dual point-of-view flashbacks, Knight gives readers their youthful magic, bit by bit, letting them see how they met, how they connected and how they parted. I felt every bit of their bond through those glimpses of their past, and the history of this couple’s relationship unfolds brilliantly through them.

I don’t know how Knight makes it through the writing of her novels, each one is packed with such intense emotions, but she successfully lays it all out for her readers to experience in painstaking detail. Just when it threatens to be too much, she cracks the tension with a dose of well-timed humor. Despite everything weighing so heavily on Kelly, she managed to hang on to her sense of humor.  As a mother, Kelly was a very relatable character, and I absolutely felt her desperation and fear, and when she swallowed her pride and approached Anthony all those years later, she definitely earned my respect and empathy. He didn’t make her work very hard, though. Now a successful pediatric heart surgeon, he was loyal, honest, caring and thoughtful, but this man struggled. He was not only dealing with the professional implications of a relationship with Kelly, but he was also dealing with his own demons as well as his growing feelings for her and her baby.

I don’t want to give too much away in this review, but right from the start, Knight drew me into this touching, tender story with a dual pronged plot that managed to be both gut-wrenching and full of hope. A slow burn romance built upon a solid foundation of friendship, I rooted for Anthony and Kelly every step of the way as they sifted through the regrets of their past and faced the uncertainty of the future.

An Imperfect Heart was a truly memorable love story, something Knight is now known for, and one that will stay with me for a long time to come. Five smooches from me for An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight.

~ Danielle Palumbo