Jul 27

Battler by C.L. Masonite Review


3.5 Smooches!

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For years I have been cast away—afar, out of reach, out of sight, out of mind. But now I’m back. I’ve been brought back into the fold, and I don’t know why. But I’ll find out, no matter the cost.

I’ll also break free from the shark infested waters littered with those that seek to restrain me, to keep me in line—my ex, my father, my mother, my sister.

And as for the Wolfe twin brothers, I’ll take them on. And I’ll take them out too.

Drasko Wolfe thinks that he’ll make me his—but I am all mine. If he thinks I am going to be just another conquest, and do things at his behest then he may do so at his own coroner’s inquest.

I am not just fighting for my survival, I am fighting for my little brother’s protection, and that makes me doubly motivated and doubly dangerous.

I—Riletta Kasonite will best them all and come out on top. I will bow those who seek to hurt me to my will until they renounce their lies—until they come clean and their secrets are exposed. Until I get what I want.

WARNING: Contains countless confrontations, not to mention mature, young adult/ adult situations too.



For years Riletta has been a loner, hated by her family, no friends, with only her little brother who she loved and he loved her back; she would do anything for him, even try and get close to the Wolfe brothers so she can stay out of trouble and stay in her brothers life. But Drasko and Trent are not like normal guys; they have a fierce loyalty, and don’t let anyone get close but Riletta is up for the challenge and she might just be strong enough, cocky enough and so un-effected by the brothers that they will want to get to know her.

“The truth always comes back to haunt you. It can be cleaned from your hands but like blood, it always stains the soul. It cannot be expunged—not even through sheer will. And now mine was exposed—undone before my very eyes.”

This was a read with a really creative and interesting plot line but with the tell tale signs of a new author. That’s not to say it wasn’t an enjoyable read but it did not flow as well as other stories, which is the reason behind it being a 3.5 read rather than a 4 star.

“I’m a hunter. I’ll give chase. Run, but I’ll find you. Put up your walls, but I’ll bring them down. Then it will just be you and me—no barriers, no pretenses, no secrets. You’ll be laid out bare. Only then will I take you.”

I loved the main characters. Riletta was so feisty, so strong and determined and I honestly loved her. She wouldn’t let the Wolfe brothers intimidate her and she wouldn’t let her vile family beat her down; sure their words and actions affected her sometimes but she always came back fighting.

“Loneliness was not my weakness. It was my weapon.”

The brothers were my kind of guys; cocky, funny, in charge and slightly intimidating. Trent was hilarious and I loved his more laid back personality. Whereas Drasko was more broody, silent and had an air of authority about him. They complimented each other perfectly and you could see why together they held such a high status.

“I was right before. You’re alive but something stops you from living. You think that you’re unsalvageable because you are unheard or misunderstood. But I understand you, Riletta, even without words, I hear you.”

The story was fascinating. It was a bit hard to follow sometimes or to try and gauge where it was going but that kept me on my toes. All of the lies, betrayals and secrets really kept you bouncing back and forth about what I thought was happening. I needed to know why her family hates her so much? I needed to know why the brothers were so powerful and what secrets they had? So many questions and some of them do get answered in this book but we are also left on a massive cliffhanger- which has left me reeling.

“I will build you up until the mere vibration of sensation, of that less than a touch will catapult you into a minefield of inexplicable rapture that will have you reaching the seventh heaven.”

Interesting, fast paced, secrets and lies, betrayal, passion, and all forms of relationships is packed full in this book and I now can’t wait to find out what happens next and to find the answers to more of my questions.