May 09

Cat Scratch Fever by Sarah O’Rourke Review

Sarah O'Rourke - Cat Scratch Fever - cover image

5 Smooches!

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Beau LaForte felt an internal pull to the beautiful, innocent Alexa Davidson. Oh, this was not the typical boy-meets-girl story. This was anything but typical. You see, Beau was a shifter – a panther – and the alpha of the pack. What his panther wanted, his panther got. And together, they wanted Alexa.

But when Alexa finds the pretty kitty lolling on her bed, she is determined to get him out — before he sheds more on her brand new sheets!



While shifter stories aren’t usually my thing, Sarah O’Rourke is an author whose work I always enjoy. I’m also a big fan of smutty, insta-love novellas about obsessed alpha males claiming their women. I dove into Cat Scratch Fever with an open mind and hopeful heart, but I needn’t have worried. I’ve never been disappointed by this talented author twosome, and they didn’t let me down with this one.

A sweet yet very sexy story, Cat Scratch Fever had that spark of Southern flair that is classic Sarah O’Rourke. I adore this author’s sense of humor, it’s quirky and sassy, and it was liberally threaded into the fast-paced plot of this novella. I loved Beau and Alexa, and their first moments together were purrfect. (Sorry, I really couldn’t resist.) Beau was confident and certain, and while Alexa needed a bit of coaxing and a moment to wrap her head around everything, she had faith and she trusted her gut, and her heart, with Beau.

This was a quick read that I devoured it in one sitting. It never felt rushed or under-developed, and this is exactly what I hope for when I’m looking to escape into the pages of a short but smutty story. Full of witty humor, sultry heat and a swoony romance, Sarah O’Rourke’s Cat Scratch Fever gets five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo