Feb 15

Claimed by Sarah O’Rourke Review

Sarah O'Rourke - Claimed - Cover Image

5 Smooches!

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Fire Chief Aiden James often fell in lust, but not in love. Until the beautiful new librarian Carolina Mayfair showed up in his small town. The sparks flew and set them both aflame for one magical night, and the resulting inferno changed both of their lives forever.

25K standalone novella; can be read as standalone or part of the Passion in Paradise series.


I love Sarah O’Rourke and Paradise, Tennessee is one of my favorite fictional places to go! I adore the Passion in Paradise series, so when this novella about the fire chief, Aiden James, and the Paradise’s new librarian, Carolina Mayfair, was announced, I was happy to take a trip back to there. The storyline may have been as fast moving as a wildfire, but as it stayed focused heavily on these two characters, Claimed didn’t suffer from a lack of character or plot development.

Lightening struck the moment Aiden saw the town’s new librarian, Carolina, on the side of the road on her way into town. Aiden moved fast, and Carolina was barely in her new hometown of Paradise for a few hours before she found herself claimed by him, in more ways than one. In the aftermath of a magical night together, however, overwhelming emotion, a fair bit of panic and a misunderstanding of epic proportions collide with a poorly timed fire call out to douse the flames of this budding relationship. When the dust settles, Aiden has to work overtime the reignite that fire and fan the flames to reclaim his woman.

A Sarah O’Rourke novel is always well written, very sexy and chock full of their brand of sassy southern humor. While short in length, Claimed still packed a full punch of everything I’ve come to love and expect from their work. I loved it! Five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo