Jun 26

Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend by Lauren Blakely Review



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Let me just say — none of this was supposed to happen.

I didn’t expect the letter to go viral. I didn’t think anyone would figure out who Dear Sexy Ex was. And I especially never thought he would find out about it.

Yeah, bit of a miscalculation there.

But see, I need the money to fund my brand new venture. And Dear Sexy Ex, well, it turns out he needs me to save his business.

By becoming his fake fiancée.

Yup, that’s the pickle I find myself in — pretending to be madly in love with the charming, brilliant, and utterly infuriating man known as Dear Sexy Ex.

Only, it’s not an act. And he can never know.

* * * * * * * * * *


There’s just something about a friends-to-lovers romance, especially when that friendship originates in childhood, that gets me every single time. Maybe it’s because my own happily ever after is one, but these stories are the ones that speak the loudest, that resonate the most with me and touch me the deepest. It’s another whole thing when it’s a Lauren Blakely romantic comedy. Her stories are always special, but for me, these types of stories are the decadent frosting on the luscious cake that is her catalog.

Blakely pairs the sassy, whip smart, optimistic Summer and her childhood best friend, Oliver, an incredibly handsome, successful attorney. I adored their friendship. It was easy, comfortable and so very important to both of them, and it formed a rock solid foundation for their relationship. But even firmly ensconced in the friend zone, the fire between them burned hot, and once they were put in the position of faking a romantic relationship, that fire blazed out of control. I really enjoyed Blakely’s spin on this trope, and the result was a touching romance between two friends who had been burying their feelings all along. The banter, the connection, the chemistry, it all came together in a love story that was full of sweet, swoony emotion and wonderfully drama-free.

I’m all about light and easy books that make me feel good these days. Blakely penned exactly that in this charming and endearing friends-to-lovers romance. I laughed and smiled as my heart soared with happy vibes while Oliver and Summer faked their way to the real thing. A new favorite of mine from Lauren Blakely, Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend gets five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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