Desperately Undone by Christine Wintson Review


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Bree Richards has lived a secluded life for the last ten years. When her past finally catches up with her, Bree finds herself travelling across the Country with the dangerous Michael Ryan. With Boston’s underworld and sexy, but questionable, FBI agent Davis snapping at their heels, Bree makes the decision to put her trust in the one person she fears most.



Every once in awhile there comes along a book so dark, gripping and thrilling, sexy and sophisticated, exciting and eloquently written that I am once again reminded why I love reading and reviewing; Desperately Undone is precisely that book.  Reviewing offers up the opportunity to discover hidden gems amongst the indie author community and Christine Winston is such an author.   This book straddled a very fine line between a dark romance and the more generic suspenseful romance but it is a complete masterpiece in introducing a rather far more unconventional style of falling in love.  A misconstrued hero.  A damaged heroine.  A salacious and dramatic storyline with so many twist and turns that you are continually on the edge of your seat, Desperately Undone manages to make you want to simultaneously throttle the hero and strip him buck naked in any dirty cheap motel available.

‘I turn to face him and he looks uncomfortable.

“What’s this?”

He comes and stands next to me and I look at the beautiful yellow rose in my hand and up into his eyes.

“You love yellow roses,” he shrugs his eyes leaving mine and I know he is embarrassed’

Our female protagonist Bree is suffering some pretty severe PTSD stemming from her horrific kidnapping as a teenager and in the beginning she is a product of her fear and trauma, she is perpetually frightened and living in paranoia which is exacerbated when she learns that one of her kidnappers is to be released from prison.  It is when this happens that the story really kicks it up a notch and delivers a fast-paced, action packed thrill ride of FBI involvement, a risky romance, life on the run and discovering that your life is in far more danger than ever before.  Bree’s character goes through the most visible transformation, starting out as slightly weak and timid, but as she faces more turmoil and drama she finds her inner strength and intelligence when her desire to live starts a chain reaction that proves to her that she is stronger than she ever believed and that she can be forgiving, loving, protective, and above all a badass warrior.

Michael, our hero nails the dark, brooding alpha looking for redemption but believing he doesn’t deserve it either.  He is in constant conflict with himself but it’s through Bree’s faith and admiration for him that he too re-learns who he actually is.

It should also be noted that the side players in this book have some scene stealing parts, so well rounded and constructed and an unbelievable support system for both Bree and Michael.

This is a remarkably clever tale, that lives up to its full potential in both plot and characterisation, I’ve never fell harder for a hero as I did for Michael, even when I was dubious about his character and intentions he came out thriving.  I’m so excited for the next book in this series that will hopefully tell our next set of characters’ story, I just hope we don’t have too long to wait.