Oct 16

Diesel by Jordan Marie Review



I’ve only truly loved two things in my life.

My club and my son.

I gave up one, trying to keep the other safe.

It worked, too… until an enemy took my son.

But he made one mistake— He left me breathing.

There’s nothing I won’t do to save my child.

A woman is the last thing I need, especially a woman like Rory McDaniels.

She’s stubborn, beautiful and drives me crazy.

I’ve told her it’s too dangerous to be involved with me. She vows to stay, no matter the cost.

She has no idea how high that price might be.


I love Jordan Marie’s writing, especially her MC romances, and she never fails to completely blow me away with the intense emotion and dramatic plots. These types of stories are where Jordan Marie’s talent as an author shines. She has an incredible gift for telling difficult, powerful and gripping stories, drawing the reader into them with a vivid, rich and dynamic plot. Her bikers are hardened, complex alpha males, and she pairs them with strong, resilient, independent women able to withstand the gauntlet of turmoil and adversity awaiting them on the road to their happily ever after. Although beautiful love stories in their own way, they are not sweet and romantic. They’re hard fought and even harder won, and the roller coaster of emotions that Jordan deals out along the way is as harrowing as the danger these couples must overcome.

Diesel is the first book in the Love and War duet, a romantic saga within Jordan Marie’s Savage Brothers MC—Tennessee Chapter series. As such, this book ends on a particularly tense note. I’m not going to say anything about the plot at all because anything I say would be spoiler, and this story is one that should be read without any preamble in order for the reader to experience the full impact of the story as it unfolds. In fact, there is a teaser chapter at the end of Diesel for the second book, Rory, and I quickly slammed my Kindle shut before I could read a single word of it. All I will say is that this is an exceptionally gritty, raw and emotional tale. Both Diesel and Rory’s stories are fraught with incredible evil, manipulation and betrayal. It was shocking, hair-raising, at times even frustrating, and I was completely gutted. There was passion in all its forms on these pages, and I couldn’t read this story fast enough.

While some readers may not like the idea of a two-part story, I believe that anything less than that would not have done these characters or their story justice. I am literally on the edge of my seat, anxiously awaiting the conclusion of this story, and I’m just going to let myself enjoy this anticipation as the excitement builds in me for the next book. Five stars from me for Diesel by Jordan Marie!

~Danielle Palumbo