Aug 29

Dr. NEURO by Max Monroe Review



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Dr. Nick Raines wants nothing more than to keep his head on straight and his daughter in his life.

But does that really have to mean he can’t have love?

It’s a battle: Head vs. Heart.


I have yet to read a book by the talented author duo that is Max Monroe that I haven’t enjoyed the heck out of. Always hilarious, their romantic comedies pack a one-two punch of steam and story. The third book in the St. Luke’s Docuseries, Dr. NEURO gives a shot at love to Dr. Nick Raines. Anyone who’s read Monroe’s Billionaire Bad Boys series will recall that Nick was the absentee baby-daddy to Scoring the Billionaire’s heroine, Winnie. Nick may have left a bad taste in a lot of readers’ mouths, but they need not worry. Max Monroe weaved their magic and gave Dr. Raines not only a chance for redemption—both on the pages in this book and in the hearts of the readers—but also a pretty sweet-happily-ever after to boot.

Superstar neurosurgeon Nick Raines is a pretty taciturn guy. Having learned what is truly important in life, he’s back in New York working hard at building a relationship with the daughter he left behind and, well, working. Those are pretty much his sole focus, and as a result, he hasn’t had much time for anything else, including dating. It isn’t until the infectiously effervescent Charlotte Hollis whips his world into a frenzy of fun, passion and love that Nick realizes that there is more to life.

A successful—and persistent—headhunter specializing in placing doctors in prestigious positions, Charlotte Hollis began her pursuit of Nick Raines as strictly professional. It didn’t take long, though, for that to shift as she sensed a kindred spirit in this man. Turns out, she was right, and as a woman with past failures of her own, she totally got where Nick was coming from. She was such a breath of fresh air in Nick’s otherwise sterile existence, and I loved the surprising ways she essentially forced him to have fun. These two characters were immediately attracted to each other, and the chemistry was a constant buzz around them. It was impossible not to root for this couple. While both of them individually were admittedly flawed, together they clicked right into place and their two halves made a perfect whole.

I know a lot of readers aren’t happy with Nick because of his history with his ex, Winnie, and their daughter, Lexi. But I found him to be endearingly humble, genuine and sincere in his desire to right those wrongs. He wanted desperately to make up for his past mistakes, and he was bound and determined not to mess up again. He was doing everything right this time around and giving his relationship with his daughter his all. But it was his budding romance with Charlotte that really opened up this character and made him an irresistible hero for me. Yes, he absolutely did Winnie and Lexi wrong, but his efforts to repair that damage were successful, and he more than earned this second chance.

Dr. NEURO was quintessential Max Monroe—a fantastic blend of sweet, sexy romance and the kind of laugh-out-loud, smiling ear-to-ear humor that readers have come crave this author. A fabulously executed, light-hearted pleasure to read, I positively devoured this book and loved every single word of it. Five smooches from me for Max Monroe’s Dr. NEURO.

~ Danielle Palumbo