May 21

Fat Cat Liar by Ahren Sanders Review



The night I met Greer Palmer was no coincidence.
The plan was perfect.
Everything was in place. All I had to do was get her attention and the rest would take its course.
What I didn’t plan was my reaction the first time she spoke.

“Are you okay?”

Three little words…
That’s all it took for her to steal my breath and shatter every thing I’d expected.
She was supposed to be a spoiled socialite, a pampered princess, an elite heiress— anything other than the striking beauty that blew my misconceptions to pieces.

One kiss and I became obsessed.
One night and I became addicted.
One month and she became my world.
Suddenly, my plan wasn’t so perfect.

To her, I am sunset kisses, whispers of seduction, and promises of forever.

It’s all a lie…

I’m Lawson Hall.
My name and reputation speaks for itself as one of the most successful architects in the industry. Conceited, arrogant, egotistical, ruthless— I’ve earned it all.
In reality, I’ve bided my time, done my job, and waited my turn.
Now is my chance.

Greer thinks we met by accident, but she’s wrong.

Once the lies are exposed, will the truth be enough?


I really enjoy Ahren Sanders style of writing. It’s always so richly detailed, and chock full of many emotions. She fully develops her characters in a way that enables her readers to truly get to know them. The effort and care she takes in progressing her plots and stories, in laying them out and building the anticipation, is evident on every page. These are stories that readers can easily get swept up in with characters they can relate to in situations that can envision. This takes a tremendous amount of writing talent and vision, and Ahren Sanders has these abilities in spades.

Lawson Hall was a celebrated architect, living the playboy life, and about as arrogant as they come. His focus was on the corner office, the title, the money—the prestige—that the promotion he was gunning for would bring. Proving his arrogance knows no bounds, he formulates a plan of deception to gain what he wants, but what he couldn’t have planned for was Greer Palmer. She was beautiful and brilliant, kind and thoughtful, real and genuine. She was the anti-socialite, and she had a posse of pals at her back to make sure nothing ever dimmed that light. From the moment she stepped into his world, Lawson Hall would never be the same.

Sanders created a fiery, passionate romance between Greer and Lawson, fanning the flames between them to near inferno levels despite the inevitable crash and burn once Lawson’s lies came out. I’ll be honest, even those he was a liar, his love for her was real, she was changing this man, and I felt his internal struggle, his torture and guilt, and then finally his shame. She did a fantastic job conveying all of the emotions in this story, and she built it upon a wonderful foundation of ancillary characters that I absolutely adored. I am hoping and praying that she’ll revisit the Nerd Herd at some point and give them their own stories.

I love watching a cocky guy being brought to his knees, and Fat Cat Liar was one of the best of these scenarios that I’ve read. Five smooches from me for Fat Cat Liar by Ahren Sanders.

~ Danielle Palumbo