Jun 27

Fixing Her by Miranda Elaine Review



When we were younger, Temperance Price was the quiet girl with dreamy eyes who hung on my every word. She was always beautiful, but I had plans to get out of Red Oak and make a life of my own.

Ten years later, a crushing tragedy has brought me home again—right back to her.

The innocent girl I left is gone, and in her place is a sassy single mom I can’t get out of my head. She’s hired me to fix her house, but I have other things in mind.

She thinks I’m just a handyman.
She thinks we’re only friends.
She thinks I’ve never noticed her.

I think what really needs to be fixed is her whole perspective.


Fixing Her is Miranda Elaine’s solo debut novel, and I am in love with this author’s sweet, sultry storytelling style! I always give a new indie author a lot of leeway with their debut novels, but I didn’t need to do that here. Miranda’s writing is crisp and engaging, brimming with endearing characters and a slow burn romance that was so addictive, I had a hard time putting my Kindle down.

Fixing Her was a well-paced, deliciously slow burning romance. The plot packed a serious one-two punch of emotion and humor, and there was one heck of a twist looming in the background that had the potential to change everything. I love the friends-to-lovers trope, and this author’s take on it was refreshing and unique with a bit of a second-chance feel to the story. She did a great job building the romance between a hero and heroine who clicked immediately as adults, recalled each other fondly as teens, and who weren’t going let this chance slip through their fingers.

Temperance, a single mother whose daughter’s father isn’t in the picture, crushed on Asher in high school, so getting this chance with him is the manifestation of all her teenage self’s fantasies. I loved the way the author captured those warring feelings between both the teenage and adult heroine. Asher was a smart man who found something he didn’t realize that he needed—or even wanted—in Temperance, and he wasn’t about to let her get away.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Miranda Elaine’s writing, and I absolutely loved her debut novel, Fixing Her. There is a whole of humor, heart and heat to be found on the pages of Fixing Her, and I absolutely devoured every single word of it. If this is what we can expect from Miranda Elaine right out of the gate, not only can she count me as a fan, but I’m very eager for more from this talented new author. Five smooches from me for Fixing Her by Miranda Elaine!

~ Danielle Palumbo