Feb 26

Flashpoint by M.C. Cerny Review


5 Smooches!

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Reed Software and Securities Company: A publically traded tech company with a hidden agenda. They are hired to take on some of the most difficult covert operations and contracts the government won’t acknowledge. As the new CEO and face of Reed Software and Securities Company, Jacob Reed has been trying to get out of the family business as a covert operator. Lately he’s been fantasizing about settling down, living a normal life away from the paparazzi, guns, and drug lords. Katie Wilson loves her job as a broadcast journalist for Channel 10 news. She is just beginning to explore her career when she gets the lead on a new story that could blow up an international sex trafficking operation. When their jobs force their paths to explosively collide, Katie is caught in the crossfire and has no memory of that night. A year will pass before fate seemingly draws them together and he saves her a second time. Now that Jacob has unknowingly brought Katie into his world, she’s become a target for danger from an unknown source… and this time he refuses to let her go at all costs.


A great romantic suspense story with a captivating plot and characters that were easily likeable and interesting to read about.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I love to settle down to a book which has romance, passion, suspense, and a certain mystery to it when it comes to which way the book is going to go and what is going to happen next and this story had all of this.

Firstly the characters were great.
Katie was strong, feisty, sweet and a character I could easily relate to and feel for. She seems very unlucky with everything that happens to her but she is always moving forward and continuing to live her life no matter what is thrown at her. She is a strong female lead who is easy to like.

Jacob was beyond adorable. He had alpha male elements definitely but I couldn’t stop thinking that he was just so sweet and protective. I loved that he played no games when it came to what he felt for Katie, he was perfectly happy making his feelings clear to his teammates and brother even knowing they would disagree.

I did however have a hard time with Jacob’s brother Eli. I really didn’t like him through most of the book, he seemed mean and a bit of a bully when it came to telling Jacob what to do but then right near the end we seemed to see a slightly different side to him and if this continues in the next book then I could see myself liking his character a lot more.
Oh and I have to mention Hauk!! I love when animals are including within a story and Hauk was the best dog! Hopefully he continues to have a part in the next book.

The plot was captivating. It had a good pace, when the suspense slowed down a bit we had passion and their relationship to read about and then it would pick up with Katie getting in horrible situations. And throughout the whole book I kept wanting to know what happened that night in the warehouse and who was causing Katie all the problems, so overall the story definitely kept me hooked and interested the whole way through.

We don’t really get many answers to a lot of the questions in this first book, but it didn’t bother me as much as it has done with previous stories because there was plenty happening that kept me reading.

I can’t wait to read the next book now to find out what is happening, who is behind everything that is going on and where Katie and Jacob’s relationship is going (especially after what her and Jacob talk about in the epilogue!)


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