Jul 18

Give Me Grace by Kate McCarthy Review


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Casey Daniels has a past forged in Hell. Despite the friends, the endless supply of women, and the muscle car he spent years restoring, it still eats away at him.

Grace Paterson is in Sydney as a temporary bassist for Jamieson, the band Casey handles security for. She’s also infuriating, off-limits, and completely irresistible.

A deal is struck, and despite their intense and powerful connection, both think it will be easy to walk away. But life can be more ruthless than either of them ever imagined. Not only does Grace have a secret she’s desperate to keep, Casey has questions from his past that he’s willing to do anything to get answers for.

It’s not until someone wants one of them dead that Casey realises his love for Grace is the one thing he could never walk away from.

In a story of revenge, betrayal, secrets, and love, Casey will need to reconcile his past with his present, before the future he never knew he wanted is snatched away.


Give Me Grace is the third book in the Give Me Series by Kate McCarthy.  I had this series recommended to me a while ago by my co-bloggertte, Nicole, and I have been madly stalking Kate’s facebook page waiting for Give Me Grace for what feels like forever.  The wait was well worth it!  I was blown away by Casey and Grace’s story.

I do not recommend reading these books as standalones.  This lovable blended group of security guys, rockers, models, and cops known as the Badass Brigade appear in all three books; their stories developing while their lives change.  So, while each book is about a different couple and their journey together, this series will be so much more enjoyable if you get to know the characters from the beginning, learning to love them way before their actual story is told.  Like Casey.  I loved him so hard and could not wait for his book.  So, read the books like this, because I said.


Casey and Grace’s story is my favorite of the series now.  I knew I was absolutely going to adore Casey.  He is a man-whoring, sexy as sin damaged man, who is so unbelievably kind to his friends.  He makes you feel all mushy inside.  He is THAT perfect book boyfriend; all hot tempered and mean in one breath and then smolderingly sensual in the next.  And when Casey meets Grace, a friend and member of the Badass Bridgade’s sister, he has met his match.  Grace is Henry’s sister and has been modeling and travelling all over the world since the tender age of 15.  She is tough, feisty, and sassy; a personality to match her fiery red hair.  Immediately, you sense the attraction between these two.  They hilariously fight it, throwing insults at one another, but soon the physical attraction is just too much.  Commence the ridiculous and sexy flirting!

“This was sexting?  How did people survive it?”

They are just so cute, hot, and funny.  The problem is, Grace is returning to her home in eight weeks but her and Casey strike a deal.  Eight weeks of each other and then they say goodbye.  Casey starts to realize that he may want more than eight weeks with Grace, but Grace fights it because the truth is she has more than a booming modeling career waiting on her back home.  She has to go home to face a hard reality that she would never subject Casey too.  Grace will win you over with her courage and love for those around her; protecting them at all cost.

“People come and go, Casey.  Some crash into your life and leave in the blink of an eye, others stay with you for years, but it doesn’t matter how long you have them for, because the way they make you feel stays with you forever.”

Casey also has his secrets and a tragic past to top that off.  A past that has left him hiding him true self and wanting to save the world.  I found myself mourning with Casey.  I was so incredibly sad for the hand life dealt little boy Casey.  Learning about Casey’s past only made me want his happily-ever-after even more.  He opens up to Grace giving her more of himself than anyone else.

“It’s okay to lose it, Casey.  Maybe you think I don’t see you, but I do.”

Casey and Grace seem to be magnets for trouble.  This book was chalk full of surfing accidents, fires, and car accidents.  All through this Casey wants nothing more than to protect Casey.  He can’t let the past repeat itself.

“Who do you think you are?  Batman?”

As with this whole series you will experience a beautifully written novel that will make you laugh and cry.  I really do love that Kate always has lots of action thrown in these books.  I especially loved this one because I felt like it opened a door to a whole new slew of characters I could grow to love.  (and perhaps another series, Kate..hint hint.)  This book was so special.  I literally could not put it down.  You will absolutely love Casey and Grace.

“Don’t you know?”  Grace looked at me, tired and pale, but happiness shone in her eyes.  “Casey’s my hero.”


Oh, and the ending.  It is a big one.  I could kiss and strangle Kate for it.  Now I am truly dying for the next book, Give Me Hell!


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