Oct 27

Go to Hail by Lani Lynn Vale Review




Everybody has problems. But Travis? Yeah, he has so many problems that he finds it hard to breathe sometimes.

He spends five years catering to his ex-wife’s every want and need—all to make it possible to continue to see his child.

He isn’t supposed to fall in love with a woman, but he does.

He isn’t supposed to find someone that is willing to put up with his ex-wife’s crazy antics, but he has.

He isn’t supposed to be happy, but he is.

And all it takes is his ex-wife finding out about his new-found peace for things to change.


Hannah saw him and knew he was the one.

All it took was one look into that haunted man’s eyes, and she was lost, never to be found again.

She thinks she has it all. His love, a new baby made with that love, and a house to raise their blended family.

She’s wrong, and Travis’ ex-wife is out to prove it.


Travis doesn’t deserve Hannah. All he’s done is hurt her.

She’s done everything in her power to keep everyone happy, but the more she tries, the harder his ex-wife pushes. Until one day, there’s nothing left to push.

Hannah leaves, and Allegra wins.

But Travis isn’t willing to let her have her way any longer.

He fights back, and only gets a bullet to the chest to show for it.


I’m a huge fan of Lani Lynn Vale’s writing, and I’ve read all of her books. The Hail Raisers series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Lani has gone back to her roots in Hail Raisers and has given her readers a more suspenseful, less MC centric series. As a long-time reader, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Go to Hail kicks off with a hero that, frankly, at first glance it’s kind of hard to sympathize with. The more I dug into his story, the clearer the picture became, and it wasn’t quite as simple as just standing up to his awful ex-wife. He was stuck in the kind of situation that any divorced couple would describe as their worse-case scenario with their former spouse. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, Travis was trying to keep everyone happy but failing miserably because, in reality, no one was. I have to hand it to Hannah, though. She was a saint, and I loved her. She was strong, she was patient and caring, and when any other woman would have given up—rightfully so—she hung in there with him and held their family together the best she could have given the circumstances they were in.

I loved this couple. They had so much stacked against them, and when it would have been easier on everyone to just throw in the towel, they didn’t. When one was weak, the other was strong, and even though through the times when they weren’t together in the truest sense of the word, they were still hanging on, still a family, still loving each other. It’s a delicate balance for a romance author to portray a hero with so many flaws without making him appear to be weak – especially when said hero is actually quite the alpha male. Vale did just that with Travis, and in doing so, she was able to play up the strength of the heroine, and honestly, it was a refreshing change of pace.

Lani Lynn Vale has taken lots of risks with her writing in the past two years, and each time she steps out of that comfort zone, I’m truly impressed. Go to Hail is another example of Lani at her best – giving her readers a hot and hilarious love story with a lot of heart. Five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo