Dec 21

Good With His Hands by Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente Review


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A sexy best friend’s brother romance from bestselling authors Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente!

I’m the wrong guy for her.

She’s sunshine and cherry pie. I’m whiskey and fast cars. I’m also keeping one hell of a secret from the woman I’ve wanted for years.

But when I find a list my sister left behind for Ruby, I’ve got no choice but to offer the sexy, big-hearted girl next door both a road trip and a chance.

A chance to discover how big she can dream.

And if some of those dreams play out in the bedroom? Well, there’s nothing wrong with a few — okay, several — hot nights together as we hit the beach, visit old stomping grounds, and test all sorts of limits, in and out of the sheets.

Seven days, then I’m off, moving across the country, far away from her.

No way can things get complicated in a week. Ruby and I aren’t the kind of dream that has a shot of coming true.

Especially once she learns what I’ve done.

GOOD WITH HIS HANDS is a sexy standalone romance in the Good in Bed series!

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I absolutely loved Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente’s first co-written novel, so when I heard they were teaming up again to write the Good in Bed series together, I was thrilled! Individually both of them have written some of my favorite romantic comedies, so I knew going into Good With His Hands that this pairing would be romcom gold. I was not wrong. Completely in sync, Lili and Lauren’s writing styles blended so brilliantly, transitioning indiscernibly between the two of them, to create a fantastically well written story.

Jesse and Ruby both suffered a life-altering loss in the accident that took his sister and her best friend, Claire, from them. Over the two years since the accident where Ruby was also injured, she and Jesse have become very close. Always a sweetie pie, Ruby’s a little lost, a little broken and a whole lot stuck. Jesse is gearing up for a big cross country move when he finds a bucket list Claire had made for Ruby. He decides this is just what she needs, and he’s going to be her wingman while she goes through Claire’s list.

They’ve always been friends, and while they’ve become much closer since Claire’s passing, there has always been a bit of an attraction simmering between them. Two weeks of amazing adventures, and it isn’t long before these two friends succumb to their chemistry. I loved everything about Jesse and Ruby. Their banter was perfection – playful, affectionate and natural. All this togetherness definitely ramped up the ever-present sexual tension between them to blistering levels, and it built up slowly to some seriously hot and steamy action. But there was also an emotional element to their story that was heartfelt, raw and real, and it was in those moments that I connected most with this couple.

Good With His Hands was entertaining, passionate, romantic and all that I hoped for from this dynamic duo of authors. I was engaged, pulled in and along for the ride every step of the way. The Good in Bed series is off to a fabulous start with this witty, charming, endearing best-friends-to-lovers romance! Five smooches from me for Good With His Hands by Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente!

~Danielle Palumbo




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