Oct 29

Gypsy King by Devney Perry Review


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The former Tin Gypsy motorcycle club has everyone in Clifton Forge, Montana convinced they’ve locked their clubhouse doors and ripped off their patches.

Everyone but Bryce Ryan.

There’s more happening at the club’s garage than muscle car restorations and Harley rebuilds.

Her instincts are screaming there’s a story—one she’s going to tell.

As the new owner of the small town’s newspaper, Bryce is hungry for more than birth
announcements and obituaries. When a woman is brutally killed and all signs point to the Tin Gypsies, Bryce is determined to expose the club and their leader, Kingston “Dash” Slater, as murderers.

Bryce bests Dash match after match, disappointed her rugged and handsome opponent turns out to be an underwhelming adversary. Secrets are exposed. Truths defeat lies. Bryce is poised to win this battle in a landslide.

Then Dash breaks all the rules and tips the scales.

One kiss, and she’s fighting to save more than just her story. She’s fighting to save her heart from the Gypsy King.

* * * * * * * * * *


I love Devney Perry’s writing style, and I am, without question, a fan. Her stories are richly developed, and her descriptions and all the little details she includes really brings the picture to life for the reader. But it’s the way that she really peels the layers back on her characters, giving the reader the chance to truly get to know them that I love best. There is always a suspenseful edge to Perry’s storytelling, and that was clearly evident in this story.

An enemies-to-lovers romance, Gypsy King brings Seattle television news anchor, Bryce Ryan, home to small town Montana to work alongside her father in their family’s newspaper. Looking to sink her teeth into a juicy story, she starts down an investigative path into the now-disbanded motorcycle club, the Tin Gypsies, and their president’s involvement in a murder. She was doggedly determined to get the truth, but what she wasn’t expecting was the visceral attraction she felt to Kingston “Dash” Slater, the son of the founder and former president of the Tin Gypsies.

Dash and his club brothers had their reasons for shutting down the Tin Gypsies, and they had more than their fair share of secrets—all of which they wanted to remain buried. But with Bryce sniffing around, bound and determined to expose the truth and get to the bottom of the murder his father has been accused of, Dash has his hands full. She challenges him at every step in a way he is just not accustomed to from a woman, and the unanticipated chemistry between them was like a jolt of unexpected electricity—startling, slightly uncomfortable, inconvenient and unavoidable.  A fragile trust forms, a tentative truce is reached, and they decide to work together to uncover the truth of what happened to this woman and why his father was framed for murder. Perry wove storyline full of twists, turns and shocking surprises.

Gypsy King was an outstanding start to an exciting, intriguing, sexy new series from Devney Perry. An edge-of-my-seat suspense plot coupled with a heart-racing romance, and I couldn’t flip the pages of this addictive and absorbing story fast enough. A top favorite read of 2019, I finished this book already longing for the next one. Gypsy King by Devney Perry gets five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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