Oct 02

Handled by Angela Graham and SE Hall Review

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Nothing makes my cock stand at attention like my lil’ Firecracker. 
She thinks she can hide behind that sharp tongue and those succulent pink lips, but it only makes her taste all the sweeter. 
I can’t get enough…if only she could say the same.


I seriously could not wait to get my greedy book loving hands on Handled!  I have absolutely fallen in love with the dynamic writing duo that is Angela Graham and SE Hall.  I have loved all of their previous erotic shorts that they collaborated on as well as all of the novels that each one and has written on their own.  So, basically, I am a huge fan of both authors, individually and together.  If you have not checked out their work, you must!

Handled did not disappoint.  Once again, these two managed to surprise me with their unique sense of story telling and comedy.  Vaughn is a sexy, alpha, dirty talking, ridiculously funny, trucker and I kinda fell in love with him.

“I’m starting to think all this mouthing is your foreplay.  I bet if I shoved a hand in your panties right now and stroked that snug little pussy, it’d be soaking wet for me.”

Handled 3

Yeah, Vaughn made me blush and I loved every second of it.

 Paige is just as entertaining as Vaughn.  She is feisty, outspoken, and kind of crazy.  She has a gun and she isn’t afraid to use it.

“There’re two times men don’t lie:  when they’re coming and when they’re about to come,”

handled 1

Together they are a big heaping pile of hot-mess and hilarity.  Wow,  I really enjoyed this one.  These erotic shorts  just keep getting better and better.  I cannot wait to see how S.E. Hall and Angela Graham top this one.  Oh, and beware, folks!  This one has a huge cliffy, but no worries, Handled Part 2 comes out October 28!  Not long at all!

“Come back.”