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Hard to Hold by K Bromberg Review


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New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, is back with a heartfelt, standalone romance and a new hero to steal your heart . . .

The contract with Major League Soccer was supposed to help repair my damaged reputation.

Then I discovered that I’d made a deal with the devil: the player I’m supposed to recruit is none other than the bad boy, star Premier League footballer, Rush McKenzie.

British. Tattooed. Sexy. A man currently at the center of a huge scandal.

The goal? To convince him to stay in the States.

But what’s wrong with a little fun in the meantime? No strings. No sweet nothings. Just a way to pass the time while we’re both struggling to prove our true selves to the world.

If someone found out our relationship was anything more than professional, it would only serve to prove all our critics right.


I never should have agreed to take the fall.

But I did and I’m a man of my word.

Even if it means risking everything I’ve worked for.

The only bright side is Lennox Kincade.

Gorgeous. Defiant. Rumor-tainted. Totally off-limits.

Sharing a house with the gorgeous sports agent should have been a fun distraction from the turmoil. Someone to help pass the time while the tensions back home die down.

But what started as nothing, ends up as something I never saw coming.


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Kristy Bromberg delivers another passionate, emotional second-chance romance in Hard to Hold, the second book in the Play Hard series of sports romances. Centered on four sports agent sisters, this book dives into the world of major league soccer with the beauty queen sister, Lennox Kincade, and British footballing bad-boy, Rush McKenzie. I was completely hooked before I even got through the prologue—I wanted more and I wanted it now! But Bromberg did an incredible job pacing this story to build the emotion and lay the groundwork of Lennox and Rush’s heart-wrenching story.

This story was intense in every sense of the word, and Bromberg sets that stage from page one. Rush, the gorgeous, tattooed and devil-may-care British soccer star, is drowning in a sea of controversy. Laying low in LA with a mutual friend, he’s in an impossible situation dealing with the nightmare of the scandal he’s become embroiled in. He’s angry, and he’s on the cusp of losing everything he’s worked for. He may be a charming and sexy on the outside but beneath the surface, if anyone cared enough to look, is a vulnerable man with a devastating history he’s desperately trying to move beyond. My heart broke positively broke for him.

Lennox had her own issues. A former beauty queen, she’s facing the real possibility that the people she trusts the most—her family—see her as no more than the company window dressing. Pretty little Lennox isn’t capable of the big deals. Coupled with the toxic, male-dominated-industry fodder she overhears, she’s convinced now more than ever that her family doesn’t truly believe she can handle her job. That has her pouncing on the first opportunity that comes her way, and she finds herself in a very precarious position. Lennox has a lot of wanderlust in her, and all of these issues swirling around her send her jetting off to LA to hide out with her best friend, Johnny. Turns out that Johnny isn’t only Lennox’s refuge from the storm.

The chemistry between Lennox and Rush was instantaneous. Ok, so it doesn’t hurt that he was completely naked, in all his chiseled and tatted glory, in their first meeting. But these two were kindred spirits—no one expects anything more from either of them than what they can see at the surface. Neither of them was looking to add any further complications to their already complicated lives, they were both just looking for a little distraction. But what they wound up finding in each other was far beyond either’s expectations. The banter, the chemistry, the camaraderie, the visceral attraction, Lennox and Rush had it all, and their passion for each other absolutely set the pages on fire.

Full of heart, burning with heat and teeming with emotion, and I simply couldn’t put Hard to Hold down. I felt all the feels and I sobbed all the tears as I practically inhaled this story. I loved these characters, I loved their story, and Kristy gutted me with the depth of emotion in Lennox and Rush’s love story. This was the kind of story I didn’t want to stop reading and got mad when I had to put it down. Bring on the next Kincaide sister! Five stars from me for Hard to Hold by K. Bromberg!

~Danielle Palumbo




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