Hard to Score by K. Bromberg Review



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I’ve signed numerous players to my family’s agency–I assumed winning over my next client would be just as easy.

The last thing I expected was to run into the boy who took my first kiss and broke my heart: only now Drew Bowman is all grown up.

Sexy. Scandal-tainted. Second-string. The crush I never got over.

I tell myself work is the reason I can’t get him out of my head. I tell him his talent far outweighs his position, and I know I can help. I lie and lie, because admitting that I want a second chance at my first love is impossible.

Some lines cannot be crossed, and ours was drawn in the sand years ago.


I’m supposed to hate her.

I’ve been told so time and again for ten years – her father ruined our family, smeared my name before my career even began.

But that’s not what I’m feeling now.

Brexton Kincade just strode out of my memories and onto my field.

Driven. Determined. Grown up. The Capulet to my Montague.

Being with her would be an unforgivable sin against my father, but I can’t resist the pull between us. Even if it means hiding what we have. Even if it means confronting the secrets I’ve always feared were lies.

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I’m seriously loving the Play Hard series! Kristy Bromberg has delivered wonderfully emotional and passionate romances in each of these stories, and in Hard to Score, the third book in this series of sports romances, she tackles a childhood crush/unrequited love story with a second-chance vibe and some heartbreaking obstacles. Centered on four sports agent sisters, the third book in this series takes readers into the world of professional football with the younger middle sister, Brexton Kincade, and NFL back-up quarterback, Drew Bowman. This story grabbed me from the prologue and refused to let go. I simply didn’t want to stop reading it—the kind of story where you find yourself getting mad when you have to put it down. Bromberg’s pacing of this story was perfection. Interspersed with glimpses of their shared childhood, she methodically built the emotion between Brexton and Drew while laying the groundwork of their complicated history. I lapped up every single heart-racing, swoon-worthy word of it.

This story was intense in every sense of the word, and Bromberg sets that stage right from the start. Drew, an extremely talented quarterback, is riding the bench and seems to have accepted that is his fate. The son of a potential hall of fame quarterback who fell from grace, Drew lives under the cloak of his father’s transgressions and seems to be paying the price for them. He’s confused, he’s resigned, and he’s overwhelmed by the demands of his family. He struggles with guilt he doesn’t understand, he’s angry that he doesn’t have the full story, and he’s exhausted by it all. Years of unanswered questions and abandoned dreams have left him guarded and secretive. His story is devastating, and it seems that nearly every person in his life wants, needs or demands something from him. My heart broke for him and the heartache that seemed to be the only constant companion in his life.

Brexton is very different from her sisters. She’s a hopeless romantic, and she just loves being in love. The problem is that she hasn’t been in love with the right men, and her heart has been battered for it. Going back to her first crush – Drew Bowman – she seems to have landed in a perpetual pattern of picking men who manhandle her heart. Her last heartbreak left her swearing off men when she runs into Drew for the first time in a decade. All those teenage feelings come rushing back as the two of them rekindle their friendship. The problem is that there is something huge between them that neither of them fully understands and until they can uncover what it is and deal with it, they’re at a stalemate. The thing is that Brexton knows this man, she sees his pain but further, she also sees the man beneath it. For the first time in Drew’s life, he’s got someone truly in his corner, genuinely believing in and rooting for him. I loved how patient and encouraging Brex was with Drew. She handled this man with such care, and boy did he ever respond to it. Their chemistry was blisteringly hot and unrelenting, but this man was also starved for affection, love and support, and Brex gave him that and so much more.

Full of heartrending emotion, blazing with heat and passion, and Hard to Score was an unputdownable pleasure to read. I felt all the feels and cried so many tears while I devoured it. I absolutely loved these characters, and Kristy slayed me with the depth of emotion in Brexton and Drew’s love story. Five stars from me for Hard to Score by K. Bromberg!

~Danielle Palumbo




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