Nov 06

How About No by Lani Lynn Vale Review



Wade had everything he could ever want in life…then he lost it.

Now, his life—his forever girl—is living in a house he built for her while he’s struggling to move on and find meaning where there isn’t any to be found.

Landry Hill was his girl. His everything. His first kiss. His first and only love. His old lady and wife.

Then one day he does something monumentally stupid, and she walks away knowing she’ll never come back.

Fast forward two years, and he’s still just as in love with her now as he was when she left. The only problem is that she’s moved on with her life, found a new man, and has seemingly forgotten him. Then there’s Wade—stuck in the same awful place where she abandoned him. The only thing he has left is his job as a police officer and the Bear Bottom MC.

Just when they both think things can’t get any worse, life kicks them both in the teeth, and Landry finds out really quick that the only person she can depend on is the one that let her walk away.

With that understanding comes a deal. One that Landry has no hope of ever breaking free from, and one Wade will do everything in his power to make a reality.

But one thing is still certain. The force that split them apart is still out there, and there’s no hope of escaping fate.


How About No is the third book in the Bear Bottom Guardians MC series by Lani Lynn Vale. I love sitting down with Vale’s next book each month. She’s created this incredible fictional world, with interconnected stories and series and characters, and with each new book she releases, she builds upon those worlds. The result is a very unique reading experience, one that is distinctly Lani Lynn Vale. What makes this even more special, though, is the fact that she’s crafted these stories in such a way that new readers can ease in at any point and go forward—although, once they get started, they’ll be hooked and want to go back to see how it all began.

Another hallmark of Vale’s storytelling is that she writes about everyday heroes. Police officers, firemen, paramedics – Lani writes them in such a natural and realistic way that her readers can’t help but fall for these good men. How About No is a second-chance romance and features police officer, Wade Johnson. He’s a good guy, a biker, and he is still deeply in love with his ex-wife. Landry Hill is a good woman with a heart of gold, but she’s got serious demons from the horrific childhood she endured. When she met Wade, she thought she’d finally found someone who would always choose her first, so when the opportunity came for him to do just that and he didn’t, it shattered what was left of her heart. The problem is that while they might be divorced, they still love each other, and that chemistry sizzles between them whenever they’re near each other.

Vale crafted a story with so many twists and turns in How About No. I was literally on the edge of my seat for most of it, sometimes audibly gasping in surprise. Full of Vale’s fantastic sense of humor, a host of side characters whose stories I can’t wait to read, and a couple whose reconnection I was fully invested in from the first page, How About No is another winner in a series full of them. Five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo