May 31

I’m Only Here For The Beard by Lani Lynn Vale Review

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Sean is a man with needs—needs that a lot of women were ready and willing to fulfill. Yet, the only woman that he wants to fulfill them dumped him for another man. A man who’s a member of his MC and is someone he has to see every single day and twice on Sundays.

He’s bitter and angry. He’s definitely not in the right frame of mind when it comes to dealing with women. Which is unfortunate for his new partner, Naomi, a fresh-out-of-school and totally green paramedic.

Naomi’s got enough problems on her plate. A brother who’s self-destructive and doesn’t care who he takes down with him. A man who she’s in love with but who doesn’t love her. A job that she hates because it is a constant reminder of what she can’t have.

Desperate to distance herself from her problems, she runs, taking the first job in her field that she finds willing to take on someone with so little experience.

The last thing she needs is a perpetually pissed off partner, especially when he sets her blood on fire.

But life doesn’t ask how much you can handle when it dishes out challenges. It just keeps piling them on until you’ve bested them or you’ve buckled under them.

Sean really doesn’t want to like his new partner, Naomi. He just wants to be left alone to live his life however he damn well pleases and without complications.

Naomi doesn’t care what he wants, she can’t be anything but herself. It isn’t long before she’s breaking down his walls and making him feel again. She’s trying to pull him closer and he’s pushing her away.

It’s not long before Sean sees the error of his ways.

It’s too bad, though, that by the time he realizes she’s the one, Naomi’s already gone.


As a long-time, die-hard fan of Lani Lynn Vale’s work, her monthly releases are constant and consistent source of pleasure for me. Her writing style is one that speaks to me. Her quirky sense of humor is rooted in reality in such a way that those moments are ones the reader can envision happening in their life with their friends. Her books never let me down and never fail to amuse and entertain me. But more than that, Vale always manages to deliver a romance that is a perfect balance of pleasure, pain and passion. It’s an addiction for me, and I am completely, unabashedly hooked.

I’m Only Here For The Beard is the fourth book in Vale’s Dixie Warden Rejects series, a spin-off of her best-selling, fan favorite Heroes of the Dixie Wardens series. Vale has grown tremendously as an author since that series, branching out into somewhat darker themes, with sexier storylines. There has been a lot of experimentation in her writing since that series, and it all comes together in this series.

This book is Sean and Naomi’s story. Two souls unlucky in love, brought together professionally but unable to fight the passionate draw between them. I couldn’t help but root for them to find their way; they both wanted love but had been burned by it in the past. A little gun-shy, a bit tentatively, slowly they come together in a story that was explosive, magical and vibrant.

I absolutely adored this book. While technically a standalone, I highly recommend that the series be read in order for the best experience. This book kept me tapping my Kindle late into the night – I couldn’t get enough, I couldn’t read fast enough. Full of hope, humor and heat, I’m Only Here For The Beard is another fantastic story from an author who consistently turns them out. Five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo