Apr 05

Kinda Don’t Care by Lani Lynn Vale Review



She’s in a white dress that dances around her ankles, and her hair tumbles in a long sheet of curls down her back. A veil covers her beautiful eyes, and she smiles directly at him. Janie is everything Rafe’s ever imagined she would be on her wedding day.

Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Perfect.

The moment he sees her walking down the aisle towards him, he knows that she’s the one.

Then she passes him, making her way to the man she’s to marry.

A man that wasn’t him.

A man that he knows with one hundred percent certainty isn’t good enough for her.

It seems that her father isn’t the only one who’s having a hard time giving her away. Rafe only wishes he knew why.

Everything about Janie sparks protective instincts he doesn’t feel for anyone, not even his own fiancé.

What he feels for the bride, however, isn’t merely a simple attraction. He knows that something is there just beneath the surface…if only he could reach it.

It has to be something huge, too, otherwise he wouldn’t be drinking whiskey straight from the flask in a church pew and wondering how many years he would do in prison if he shot the groom in front of about a hundred witnesses—half of those being cops.

He was good…but not that good.

A near-death experience cost Rafe almost six months of his memory, but right now he can’t help but feel like a huge mistake is being made on both of their parts. One that’s going to cost him everything.

Then she says I do.


As a huge Lani Lynn Vale fan, I, like the rest of her diehard readers, have been eagerly anticipating the release of this book. Vale has been mercilessly teasing her readers with this hero, hoarding details about him and carefully doling the barest bits of information about him. He’s been popping up in series after series, book after book, and as a result, she’s created a firestorm amongst her readers as they speculated about him. As a long-time fan who’s read every word she’s written, I’ve enjoyed the air of mystery surrounding this character along with the camaraderie and excitement it seemed to create, and I’ve been just as excited as all of her other loyal readers to dive into Rafe’s story.

Kinda Don’t Care marks the first book in Vale’s new Simple Man series. A spin-off of her first ever series, Freebirds, the Simple Man series will focus on the now adult children of the original Freebirds couples, or as Lani refers to them, the “Free Kids.” Kinda Don’t Care is a May-December romance between Janie, the daughter of James, and Rafe. I may always be impressed with this author’s work, but I went into this book having waited for it for months, so it thrills me to say that Vale is in top form here and exceeded my high expectations of her. Lani penned a suspenseful, sexy and satisfying story that drew me in from the first page, making this a difficult book to put down. I loved Rafe and Janie together, I loved the appearances of the Freebirds characters, and the suspense portion of this story was intriguing and exciting in its own right.

Vale’s ever-present sense of humor is on point here, and I found myself audibly laughing my way through this book. She hit the nail on the head for me with the start of this series, so it’s right back to the edge of my seat as I wait for the next book. Kinda Don’t Care by Lani Lynn Vale gets five smooches from me.

~ Danielle Palumbo