Kiss And Don’t Tell by Meghan Quinn Review


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Five hockey players, a cabin in the woods . . . and little old me, Winnie Berlin.

Sounds like the start of a fantasy, right? But it’s not. It’s my reality.

It all started when I got lost in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. A wicked thunderstorm sent my car mud sliding into a ditch and for a girl whose survival skills involve finding the nearest Starbucks, I was in deep trouble.

Forced to abandon my car in search of help, I stumbled upon a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Soaking wet, irritated, and in desperate need of a hot shower, I knocked on the door for help only to be greeted by five boisterous, burly, and insanely attractive men.

Not just men.

Professional hockey players.

I hit the motherload of fantasies, right? Wrong.

Because as it turns out, one of them is my ex-boyfriend’s half-brother. And when I end up crashing in their spare bedroom for the night, things take a very unexpected turn.

I’m not sure any amount of survival skills can protect my heart from Vancouver Agitators star goalie, Pacey Lawes. But as long as we kiss and don’t tell, maybe everything will be okay . . .

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I love Meghan Quinn’s writing, and I’m so flipping excited about this new hockey series from her. The series is about five completely endearing professional hockey players, and let me tell you, these guys have drawn me into their world and captivated me. Kiss And Don’t Tell is the first book, and while it does an amazing job of introducing the guys, it’s the love story of Pacey Lawes, the star goaltender of the Vancouver Agitators, and Winnie Berlin.

Winnie has been through the wringer as she sets out on a road trip in search of adventure and clarity, and boy does she find it—and a whole lot more than she bargained for. In the middle of a storm, she lands on the doorstep of a house full of hockey players. They take her in, and so begins the surprise romance between the goalie and the girl. Pacey and Winnie’s romance was sweet and tender, romantic and fun and so dang sexy. The slow burn build-up of their relationship was absolutely delicious, and made for a truly unputdownable read.

Kiss And Don’t Tell was so engaging and entertaining. I laughed and swooned my way through this addictive story, and I fell in love right along with Pacey and Winnie. I absolutely can’t wait for the other guys’ stories. Five smooches from me for Kiss And Don’t Tell by Meghan Quinn!

~Danielle Palumbo




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