Feb 22

Knocking Boots by Jordan Marie Review



I’ve always heard, don’t fall in love with a cowboy.
I just didn’t listen.

I’ve sworn off men.

They’ve never given me much in life, except a bun in the oven and grief.
My kids are my life and all that truly matter.

Until him.
Jansen Reed is a living fantasy straight from the old west.
Sexy drawl, tight jeans and that glint in his eyes that make my knees weak.
He promises me the ride of my life.

And serves it up—on the kitchen table.

Something about Jansen makes me want to believe in fairytales again.
But, I’m not the kind of girl who gets a happy ending.

Never have been.

There will come a day when my cowboy will ride away, leaving me shattered.
I’ve accepted it and eventually I’ll make him realize it, too.

Too bad I can’t convince my kids….

Welcome back to the world of the Lucas Brothers. In this one we’re going back into the past to see just how Jansen won Ida Sue’s heart and meet some of your favorite characters when they were kids. Can be read as a complete stand alone romance.So, if you’re new to the series, this is a great place to start! Plus, there’s a guaranteed Happy Ever After inside.

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As a fan of Jordan Marie’s since her first book was released, it’s a given that if she releases it, I will read it. I hate to pigeonhole an author, it’s not fair to them. But I don’t think I was the only one of Jordan’s readers who automatically thought of gripping, gritty, raw and deeply emotional MC romances when they thought of her work. A little over two years ago, though, that changed when she released The Perfect Stroke. Turns out that sexy romantic comedies are another genre that is totally in Jordan Marie’s wheelhouse. She’s a natural, and looking back over the entirety of her work, I really shouldn’t have been surprised. She totally she nailed it, and it’s because this author is exceptional storyteller.

Knocking Boots takes readers back to the beginning, before Gray and CC, to fan-favorites, Ida Sue and Jansen. This, folks, is where the Crayola Gang began. This book was so funny and so very sexy with Ida Sue and Jansen’s off-the-charts chemistry and their effortlessly witty, back-and-forth bantering. We see the Ida Sue’s nine kids as, well, kids—and we even get to see Hamburger as a calf, and not as the bovine version of a canine that he’s grown to be over the years. But most importantly, we learn the stories of Ida Sue and Jansen and how they were before they clicked together and became whole. This couple’s relationship has always been fiery and rock-solid, and while it definitely started out fiery, it was a bit more rocky before they got to the solid part. It was a fantastic look back at this family’s beloved matriarch, her personal history and that of the man who loves her endlessly.

Side-splitting humor, steamy romance and the spirited characters readers have come to love, Jordan Marie takes fans back in time to where it all started. It wouldn’t be a Jordan Marie story with a punch to the feels, and she delivers those blows between the belly laughs and passionate encounters. Five smooches from me for Knocking Boots by Jordan Marie!

~Danielle Palumbo



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