Nov 05

Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas Review

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Ryan Willis has spent years in the protection business, a job that requires constant vigilance and quick thinking. His only chance to truly relax is at his secluded cabin in a small town where there are never any surprises. So when Ryan returns after an assignment and encounters a beautiful stranger, he isn’t only surprised, he’s also instantly intrigued.

Hannah Bright is a breath of fresh air, and Ryan is soon completely consumed, unable to stop from falling for her. As the two grow closer, his instinct tells him something is amiss. Yet nothing could prepare him for what he discovers when he starts digging into her past.

Hannah spends her days painting, running her arts and crafts store…and hiding too many secrets. It’s why she won’t let the ruggedly handsome bodyguard get too close. But their chemistry is undeniable, and Hannah quickly finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance with Ryan. He is peace personified, a balm to her battered soul. Yet the gorgeous, captivating man who has swept Hannah off her feet doesn’t even know who she really is. And the moment he finds out, both their lives are at risk.

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I’ve been reading Jodi Ellen Malpas since her debut novel, This Man, was released. That series was one of the first that I turned to in the post-Fifty Shades days when I was looking to see what else was out there in romance. I credit this series as one of the ones that turned me into the devoted romance reader I am now. It undoubtedly left an indelible impression on readers, and years after its initial release, readers still list both the series and the hero, Jesse Ward, as top favorites. Malpas has released numerous books since that first book released, and with the release of Leave Me Breathless, she continues to sweep readers off their feet with her brand of sultry, spine-tingling storytelling and breathtaking romances.

Leave Me Breathless, a steamy and suspenseful standalone romance, features British alpha-hero, Ryan Willis, a former member of MI5 and current protection agent, and the quirky, messy artist with secrets in her eyes, Hannah Bright. Malpas created an alluring hero in the ruggedly handsome, single father. Ryan was exactly the hero that Hannah, a woman hiding in plain sight, needed. Commanding and, at times, menacing, Ryan was also gentle and patient, and as Jodi Ellen peeled his layers back, I was as smitten as Hannah was with him. Hannah has survived a brutal and painful past, and while she’s alive, she isn’t really living. She lives in the shadows, attempting to blend in without ever putting down roots as she moves from place to place. She’s tired, lonely and easily spooked, but for the first time in longer than she can remember, Ryan gives her hope. The question is will he be enough for her to take on her demons, to let him all the way in and to trust? There are secrets in both of their pasts, and Malpas uses them by bringing them into the light through an exciting suspense plot in this intense and sexy romance.

Riveting, thrilling, steamy and romantic, Leave Me Breathless was exactly the type of passionate, emotional and gripping love story that I expect from Jodi Ellen Malpas. I was at the edge of my seat, tapping my Kindle furiously, as I devoured this book—I simply did not want to put it down. Five smooches from me for Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas!

~Danielle Palumbo




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