Jun 27

Lost Without You by M. O’Keefe Review


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Seven years ago, I thought I could save Beth, the girl I loved from the monster who was supposed to take care of us. I thought I could keep Beth and all the other kids at St. Jude’s Home for Court Placed Juveniles safe.

I failed. Badly. Now we all have blood on our hands and owe a dangerous man a very dangerous debt. We don’t know when he’ll come calling for payment, but when he does – we pay, or we suffer.

When my turn comes, I’m ready for anything.

Except seeing Beth again.



No one ever tells you that the cost of having your dreams come true is literally every single other part of your life. Yes, I’m a huge pop star these days, but I’m pretty much a mess, too.

I’ve spent my life hiding behind disguises, make-up and costumes, all to protect myself from the kind of pain that comes from revealing your true self to someone.

I did that once. With Tommy. The only person I ever loved. It didn’t turn out so well.

And now, with everything else falling apart around me, I’m suddenly in the backseat of his car.

Being kidnapped.

And the past we’ve both tried to run from is catching up with us.

Contains The Debt: A Prologue and 50,000 more words in the continuation of Tommy and Beth’s story.


This was just so good and unexpected.  I had absolutely no idea where this story was going and I admit that I was completely hooked from the The Debt (the long prologue before this book that you must, must read).  I love epic love stories that start when the characters are just children.  They pull at all of my heart strings, especially when the young characters have suffered a hardship.  And when young people are flawed, gritty, broken.  I had all the feelings from page one until the very end of this sexy, scintillating, sweet, gut churning romance.

The writing was top notch as is usual with this author and the story exceeded my expectations.  It was so twisty and turny and I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I am too excited for the conclusion of this epic romance.