May 07

Love and Lingerie by Lacey Black Review


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Everything is coming together for Harper Grayson. She has a family she adores, a quaint little house that’s all hers, and a puppy to keep her warm at night. Plus, her lingerie shop, Kiss Me Goodnight, is successful. With her eyes now set on an expansion the moment the empty building next door finally becomes available, things are finally aligning perfectly for Harper. Until Latham Douglas walks through her door…

Latham Douglas has been back from a long stint in the Army for mere days when he has his first run-in with a blast from his past. It’s a pleasant surprise to find Harper Grayson selling sexy lingerie just down the block from his family’s hardware store, but he won’t let the stunning woman he remembers from school derail his plans. His business needs the empty building next door, and he’s willing to do just about anything to secure it.

Harper and Latham have the same dream. What happens when they realize they can’t both have what they want? Who will give, especially after business turns to pleasure? Can they keep their hearts out of it, or will the winner actually be the biggest loser of all?

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I absolutely love small town romances, and when that’s what I’m in the mood to read, Lacey Black’s stories are what I reach for. She is the gold standard of this special niche of sexy-sweet love stories. Anchored around a big, loving family and set in an everybody-knows-everybody-else small town, Black gives her readers memorable, heart-tugging romances that are as hot as they are hilarious. I just cannot get enough of her love stories set in these vibrant little towns and the families in them.

Love and Lingerie is the second book in Black’s Rockland Falls series, a spin-off of her Summer Sisters series. This book is a second-chance romance between Harper Grayson, owner of the town’s lone lingerie shop, and returning Army veteran, Latham Douglas, son of the local hardware store owner. This couple had a history going back to high school that was cut short by Latham’s departure for the military. Returning home after a 12-year stint in the Army, taking over the family business isn’t the only thing on his mind. Harper is as feisty, sassy and confident as her red hair implies, and she’s also a bombshell in every sense of the word. She left Rockland Falls, too, at a young age to pursue a career in modeling in New York, but returned home after a few years to pursue a different dream closer to home and her family.

The chemistry between Latham and Harper is as electric as it was in high school, and they slip right back into the back-and-forth, banter-filled exchanges—and practical pranks—of their youth without missing a beat. I laughed at the things they did to each other, and I loved how Black used it as a fun and comical way for this couple to reconnect after so many years apart. Harper may have hidden her feelings for Latham behind some evil nicknames, but there was no hiding her body’s reactions or the way her heart-raced whenever he was near, and for his part, well, Latham wasn’t hiding anything.

Love and Lingerie was an entertaining and sexy addition to this fantastic new series, and I finished it already wanting the next book desperately—I need more of this town, more of this family! I loved how Black brought in characters from the Summer Sisters series, including my favorites—Orval and Emma—into this story. Amusing and engaging, full of endearing characters and a sweet, sexy romance, Harper and Latham’s story made my heart happy and kept me smiling from cover-to-cover. Five smooches from me for Love and Lingerie by Lacey Black!

~Danielle Palumbo



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