Jun 23

Love and Neckties by Lacey Black Review



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For Samuel Grayson, everything is black or white. As a funeral director, there’s no room for in-between. He’s accustomed to dealing with life and death, though he’s definitely more comfortable with the latter. Especially when it comes to a chaotic, petite, feisty ball of energy. Freedom Rayne. Samuel’s pretty sure her goal is to make his life hell, or so it appears. When Samuel boards a flight to Las Vegas for his sister’s wedding, the last thing he expects is to share it with the one woman who drives him crazy.

Freedom is eccentric and completely content with it. Floating around from job to job, she finds peace and tranquility in everything she does, including tormenting poor, uptight Samuel Grayson. When she finds herself on the same flight as him for her best friend’s wedding, she sees this as the perfect opportunity to get under his skin, something she tries to do every chance she gets. The problem is the more time she spends with him, the more she likes him.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not for Samuel and Freedom. Will they be able to forget about their trip when they return to Rockland Falls? What if one mistake turns out to be the best thing ever?

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Love and Neckties is the fourth book in Lacey Black’s Rockland Falls series, a spin-off of her Summer Sisters series, but you don’t have to read that series to enjoy this one. An opposites-attract, best friend’s brother romance between Samuel Grayson, the oldest of the Grayson clan and a funeral director, and Freedom Rayne, the free-spirited, vegetarian best-friend of his sister, Harper, and honorary member of the Grayson family.

Samuel is a little…different. The suit-wearing funeral director is very set in his ways. He’s anally retentive in an almost OCD sort of way, and he sees everything in black and white. Freedom is a whirl of color in a flowy bohemian skirt; she’s loud, she’s filterlessly outspoken and blindingly vibrant—basically everything that Samuel is not. But the back and forth bantering that has been simmering between them for years was its own kind of foreplay and due to boil over. While in Vegas for his sister and her best friend’s wedding, Freedom and Samuel, the only unpaired couple, get into some seriously out-of-character for Samuel, Vegas-style mischief, and they wake up the next morning with more than just a hangover.

The chemistry sizzled between Freedom and Samuel, desperately at times. I loved how she pushed his boundaries and opened up his neatly ordered world to color, to new experiences and to love. I loved how Samuel saw more than just chaos in her. On paper, this couple couldn’t be more wrong for each other, but it was their differences that perfectly illustrated just how right they truly were for each other. I’ve been waiting for Samuel’s story since Lacey introduced her readers to this family, and it was worth every second of the wait. Full of all the humor, heart and heat I’ve come to love about Black’s big-family, small town romances, she gave her readers one heck of an amusing, sexy and sweet love story here. Five smooches from me for Love and Neckties by Lacey Black!

~Danielle Palumbo




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