Apr 03

Miss Typed by Aubrey Bondurant Review


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Aiden Samuels is the most mysterious and sexy man I’ve ever met – and he’s my new boss.
He’s given me a second chance and now it’s up to me not to blow it. No matter how much I may want to trust him with my secrets, I can’t afford to let him in.

He can’t discover the truth.
No matter what the cost.

Chloe Mattson is the most disarming and intriguing woman I’ve ever met – and she’s my new assistant.

She’s brought light into my dark life, but she’s much too innocent for me. I need discipline and control to keep her at arms-length, but I can’t resist helping her, even when she insists she doesn’t need it. No matter how much I desire her, Chloe is off-limits.

Growing closer may prove complicated.
Staying away may prove impossible.

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I love Aubrey Bondurant’s books, and I’ve read them all. She describes her writing style as adult contemporary erotic romantic comedy—think smutty chick-lit—but whatever she calls it, trust that her stories will be engaging, smart and witty. Her writing always pulls me right in with a sexy love story, relatable characters and charming details. Aubrey Bondurant is a not-to-be-missed indie author that contemporary romance readers need to have on their TBRs.

No surprise that I’m totally hooked on Aubrey Bondurant’s latest series, the Miss series. Workplace romances are a favorite trope of mine, and Aubrey does them really well. A wounded war veteran struggling to find his footing both professionally and personally, Aiden Samuels is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Former military, he’s distractingly handsome but oh-so-serious. Chloe Mattson was struggling with a full plate of obligations, but she couldn’t help but take notice of her gorgeous yet broody and intense new boss. Chloe was beautiful, smart and professional, and it was that whole package, plus her endearing verbal stumbles, that got Aiden’s attention. They both tried hard to ignore the attraction blazing between them, but it was Aiden’s reasons for fighting his feelings that really broke my heart.

Chloe has secrets, and Aiden wants to know what they are. As Chloe gets little glimpses of the man beneath the stoic front, Aiden isn’t sure what to do with the fact that she was able to see beyond his outward appearance to the vulnerable man underneath. Despite their attempts to keep things professional, the chemistry between them sizzles, and a pull neither one of them had ever experienced has them to crossing lines.

Miss Typed grabbed my attention from the first page with an addictive romance between a tortured, alpha-male military hero and a strong, sassy woman guiding him to love. I can’t wait for the next book in this series! Five smooches from me for Miss Typed by Aubrey Bondurant!

~Danielle Palumbo



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