Sep 16

Miss Understood by Miranda Elaine and Amie Knight Review



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I’ve waited my whole life to catch her. They call her a criminal. A con-woman. A thief and too wild for her own good. But me? I just call her mine. –Officer Nathan Trent.

He’s one of the good guys. Honorable. Reliable. I’ve loved him since we were kids. But there’s no way I’ll let my wild ways tarnish his squeaky clean reputation. No matter how badly I wish he was mine. –Tillie Coletrain

Warning: This novella is chock full of sexy times, ridiculous shenanigans, and surprise weddings. You’re welcome.

**Miss Understood was previously published under the titles Jail House Rock and Wild Thing by Liberty Laine, but have been updated for re-release.

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I’m just going to come out and say it: I love smut, and one of my favorite guilty pleasure pastimes is escaping into the pages of quick and dirty little insta-love stories. Amie Knight and Miranda Elaine’s second co-written novella, Miss Understood, hits that nail on the head, and I’m officially a fan! Having read many of these types of stories, I can admit that there is sometimes a bit of redundancy in this trope. The thing that sets this duo apart, though, is their wild sense of humor, and let me tell you, these two are seriously funny.

Typically these types of stories are all about the bad-boy alpha-male and his quest to land the virginal good girl of his dreams, and that’s all fine and good. But Amie and Miranda turn that notion right on its head with a squeaky-clean, good-guy cop and a sassy, naughty girl. Tillie may put up a wall of attitude as high as the fence around the prison she could very well end up in, but Nate sees right through it to the kind-hearted, slightly lost, in-over-her-head girl underneath. Despite her bad girl rep, though, Tillie is really just trying to protect Nate, and her twin, Millie, from the mess of trouble that swirls around her.

Nate’s been patient, he’s given Tillie time to get herself together, but he’s done waiting. He’s going to use whatever means necessary, including his handcuffs, to corral his girl and clean up her mess so they can finally be together. Individually the Coletrain twins are handful, but the two together fill poor Nate’s hands to overflowing when they decide to handle matters on their own. Add in a biker looking to collect what he’s owed and the twins’ best friend—who is definitely not the voice of reason—and not even back up in the form of Millie’s bail bondsman boyfriend, Jake, can level the playing field in Nate’s favor.

Jam packed with hilarious antics, wickedly witty banter and enough steam to power a sauna, Miss Understood was an amusing and sexy pleasure to read with a sweet surprise twist that I wasn’t expecting! I demolished this one, loving every single word of it! Five smooches from me for Miss Understood by Amie Knight and Miranda Elaine!

~ Danielle Palumbo




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