Apr 07

Nobody Does It Better by Lauren Blakely Review


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A red-hot forbidden romance! Indulge in this ultra sexy best friend’s brother delight!
Some women are just forbidden.
Like—off the top of my head—MY SISTER’S LIFE-LONG BEST FRIEND.
Sis has made it patently clear that Vanessa is hands-off, as in keep my ladies’ man paws far away from her clever, go-getter best friend who’s ready for the real deal. That should be an easy guideline to follow, except Vanessa is deliciously flirty, easy to talk to, and laughs at my jokes. Translation – my libido has been craving her many, many years. So many that we might have stolen a kiss or two.
Can you say pent-up, crazy, raw desire?
That’s exactly what we’re both feeling when the storm of the century hits and it’s 10 inches of snow with Vanessa and me trapped in a cabin all night long…
The trouble is—Vanessa isn’t interested in my playboy ways, and I have one night to convince her that I’m the real deal.
All Night Long is a 30,000-word standalone novella!

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Nobody Does It Better is the third book, a novella, in the Lucky in Love series and follows Best Laid Plans and The Feel Good Factor. While there is definitely enough here for it to stand on its own, I highly recommend reading Best Laid Plans and The Feel Good Factor before reading this because not only are they wonderful stories that no Blakely fan should miss, but also reading them first will totally ramp up anticipation for this book. I was certainly looking forward to Shaw and Vanessa’s story since meeting them in those books because their chemistry positively crackled off the page!

Nobody Does It Better was an easy-breezy, sweetly sexy, sister’s-best-friend romance. Witty and quick back-and-forth banter, the kind born of a long, shared history and deep affection, set the tone for this couple as they verbally sparred in the best of ways. Packed with lust and laughter, Lauren layered in just enough tension to keep me on my toes while delivering the satisfaction quickly as years of pent-up, mutual, not-so-secret longing was finally given the time, the space and the will to be explored. I loved everything about this series, especially the quirky, interesting and in-your-business side characters of Lucky Falls. I might have even detected a few breadcrumbs for a future story that sent me straight to Goodreads to update my to-be-read shelf.

Lauren Blakely brings the heat, the humor and the heart in this endearing, entertaining and wholly enjoyable friends-to-lovers romantic comedy. Five smooches from me for Nobody Does It Better by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo




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