On the Way Home by Skye Warren Review


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For eight months I’ve been deep under cover as a special operator in the Army. On the plane ride home, all I want is a hot shower and a long sleep. But a Dear John text message leaves me stranded. I need a ride and a place to stay, and the pretty stewardess is more than willing.

It’s supposed to be a simple trade—the passenger in seat 34B for my sister. But the sexy soldier is more than I can handle in all the best ways. He trusts me, but I can’t save him. No one can. Sometimes trouble has a way of following you home.

On the Way Home is a dark new adult romance intended for readers over eighteen.


So I had previously read Wanderlust by Ms. Warren and did not love it! I think it was because the lead male shared the name Hunter with my son, anyways I digress. So when I got an ARC of this novel, I was somewhat skeptical…..let me tell you THIS BOOK IS A RED HOT READ!!!!!

So let’s start out with the cover! This guy is HAWT!!! ………and what a great image to have in your mind as this story progresses. Clint is a military operative returning from the Middle East with his friend James, when they meet Della the flight attendant. Even from the first exchange of words between Clint and Della, one can tell their chemistry is going to be amazing.

So the story picks up when Clint is left stranded at the airport and Della offers a ride home that leads to a stay at her home in the span of a few hours. Now this totally sounds crazy, and Clint realizes this through the story and admits it kinda fucked up!!! But if you go along with the story, and learn the connections between Della and Clint, it’s just an awesome/intriguing/suspenseful/erotic story.

Now the chemistry and sex is out of this world. Della has a dominant streak that probably would not work with super alpha Clint, but seriously it so works in this story. To see such a dominant like Clint submit to Della makes for some great scenes!!

Della: “Lie down in the bed, soldier.”

Clint: “Della?”

Della: “That’s an order.”

Clint: Fuck, why was that so hot? I couldn’t help the streaks of lust that ran through me. Couldn’t do anything but obey her….and then she was in front of me, where I still couldn’t see her smile—but I could feel, curved and wicked when it met my lips with a kiss.

The book is also full of suspense, if you can’t read it all the way through in one sitting at the beach or pool you will be thinking about the characters and the situations until you can finish. It keeps you going till the end. Della has to make some big sacrifices to save the ones she loves. The idea of choosing family or the love of your life is compelling and heartbreaking.

Do yourself a favor and get this book! You can’t go wrong!!


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