Nov 20

One Time Only by Lauren Blakely Review


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A fiery, passionate MM romance novel from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely…

Ever hear the story about the bodyguard who falls for the rock star?

Yeah, it never ends well.

Each day I remind myself that it’s my job to protect Stone. And nowhere in the job description does it say I should lust after the charismatic, charming rock star.

But every night I spend with him the attraction grows more intense, electric, undeniable.

Until one night in a limo when we combust.

One time only will have to be enough.

Because the mistakes from the past are chasing me.

And If I give in again, I might lose everything.

Good thing I’m strong, determined, and dedicated to resisting him.

But after a close call at his concert, all bets are off.

And in his hotel room, we strike a brand new deal.

One that can’t end well for me, but I do it anyway. Because sometimes you grab hold of the desire. And other times, the desire takes hold of you.

No matter the cost.

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One Time Only takes readers on another trip back into a new genre for Lauren Blakely, and just like she did in her debut M/M romance, A Guy Walks Into My Bar, she’s once again given her readers a truly memorable experience. As a long time Blakely fan, I personally find it refreshing when an author steps out of their comfort zone and gives their readers something new and different. But when that experimentation is as successful as Blakely’s has been in her first two M/M romances, it’s exciting and re-energizing for me as a reader of that author. This novel was clearly one that Blakely was passionate about, it’s evident on every single page, and as the reader who benefitted from her efforts, I have a whole new appreciation for her and her storytelling abilities.

Lauren teased her readers with their first taste of Jackson and Stone in One Night Only. That mere glimpse of their spark drove my desire for their story, and I’ve been waiting eagerly, anticipating it ever since. After reading A Guy Walks into My Bar, my expectations for One Time Only were pretty high, and Lauren far exceeded them. This was one deliciously thrilling and heart-tugging rollercoaster of a ride. Stone is a rockstar, and he’s just so unapologetically and effortlessly sexy. He’s flirty, he’s charming, he’s adventurous and larger than life, living it on his terms and wringing every ounce of pleasure, in all its forms, out of it. I adored this man so much. Jackson is his bodyguard, and every single chiseled inch of him is every bit the marine he once was and the protector of Stone that he was hired to be. Their relationship started off with some wonderfully witty banter, but as that banter bounced back and forth, the chemistry between them started to sizzle. It was so thick, so palpable and so unexpected. They gave a valiant effort to fighting it, and in doing so, there was an an almost suspenseful edge to the build-up of their relationship that was positively delicious.

“Love is the most important rule of all – love, just love.”

One of the things I love most about Lauren’s writing is how she guides her readers through the evolution of her couples’ relationships. Stone and Jackson’s starting point is purely professional—Stone is the client, Jackson is the bodyguard. But those first sparks of awareness quickly start smoking as the lust running rampant between them rises to almost urgent levels. The way that Blakely vividly captured and detailed these intense feelings on the page for the reader was absolutely brilliant. But there was so much more to their story than lust and attraction. These characters were richly developed and so very real and genuine. Their romance was undeniably sexy, but the real show-stealer of this story was the beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime love building between these two souls.

I like a steamy romance novel as much as the next girl, but the reason it is my genre of choice is the love story. Lauren Blakely gave her readers an extraordinary story of true love in One Time Only. Intensely passionate, heartfelt and humorous, Stone and Jackson’s swoon-worthy, opposites-attract romance was positively unputdownable. I practically inhaled this story—I simply didn’t want it to end, and I loved every word, every moment, every scene of it. A top favorite of the year! Five smooches from me for One Time Only by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo





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