Oct 14

Overdue by Miranda Elaine Review


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Growing up, Griffin Thorne was the most annoying, adorable, and infuriating boy I’d ever met. I told myself I wanted nothing to do with him, but no matter how much I tried to hate him, that crazy boy somehow became my best friend.

As teenagers, we were inseparable. Despite the high school rumors, we never crossed any lines. Friends forever. That was our motto.

Griffin grew up to become a smoking hot firefighter and I got my dream job as the town librarian. Life was perfect. However, when tragedy strikes and we’re forced to move in together, our friendship is put to the biggest test yet.

Do I risk everything for the chance at an epic love? If I follow my heart, I could lose my best friend. But if it works, we could finally get our very own Happily Ever After.


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I love Miranda Elaine’s sweet, sultry storytelling style! Her writing is thoughtful and deliberate, and she never fails to pull me into her stories. Engaging plots come together in polished, perfectly paced, wholly addictive stories full of heart, heat and humor.

A delicious, slow-burning romance, Overdue pairs firefighter, Griffin, and his childhood best friend, town librarian, Leni. It was a light-hearted, easy-reading best-friends-to-lovers romance, and it wasn’t overly angsty, but the heroine had some major emotional baggage that held her back. Miranda has a great sense of humor that she used liberally throughout this story giving it a playful feel. Griffin was a swoon-worthy hero, but he was also a really great guy. He was Leni’s rock, her person, and the two of them had spent years pushing aside their true feelings in favor of protecting their special, one-of-a-kind friendship. When those feelings finally bubble to the surface and become impossible to ignore, it’s Griffin who gently and patiently guides them through it. Miranda always peppers interesting side characters in her stories, and she definitely added some wonderful ones here in Leni’s grandmother and her neighbor, Parker, whose book I’m already looking forward to.

Once again, Miranda Elaine has left me fully entertained and thoroughly impressed with her writing. Overdue was a sexy and heartwarming story brimming with humor and endearing characters. This heartstring-tugging, heat-filled romance full of charming characters kept me smiling from cover-to-cover. I positively devoured this book, and I was not only left wanting more but also very excited about what will come next from Miranda. Five smooches from me for Overdue by Miranda Elaine!

~ Danielle Palumbo




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