Nov 11

Pierced Hearts by Ahren Sanders Review



* * * * * * * * * *


I’m here.
Back in the same town I ran from years ago and the man I left behind.
Pierce Kendrick, the man I’ve never stopped loving.
The day he walked up to me with his cocky smile, everything changed.
Now, I don’t recognize the cold, harsh, bitter man that stands in his place.
It’s time Pierce knows why I left, and the secrets that drove me away.
Nothing could prepare me for what happens next.

The man I loved reappears. This time, he’s a powerhouse, determined to get back what we lost.

Can it be that simple? 

She’s home.
Darby Graham, the woman who ruined me, has returned. She rolls back into town, stirring up memories and feelings that I buried long ago.

One look at her and I know she’s been hiding something. What I don’t expect is for the truth to rock my world.  For a second time in my life, I’m helpless against the power Darby holds over me.

She’s mine.

Her resistance fuels my determination.
My insistence drives her wild.
She says we’re impossible.
I say she’s wrong.

And I’m going to prove it.
Darby Graham thinks I’m crazy.
She’s about to see how crazy things can be.

* * * * * * * * * *


This is the third book I’ve read by Ahren Sanders, and this is the third time she has blown me away with her incredible storytelling. Richly detailed and full of every single feel, Sanders has a way of developing her characters that enables her readers to truly get to know them. The effort and care she takes in progressing her plots and stories, in laying them out and building the anticipation, is evident on every page. It’s easy to get lost in her stories, swept right up in them and invested in her characters. Sanders always makes the journey, even the painful parts, worth every single step of the way. I devoured Pierced Hearts in a day, hushing my family when they tried to talk to me, ignoring texts and phone calls, and cooking dinner with my Kindle in one hand.

A deeply moving second-chance romance, Pierced Hearts rekindles the first-loves romance between Darby and Pierce. This couple has suffered mightily, and neither one of them has gotten over the other or moved on. I don’t want to say to much about this story, I think it is important for readers going into it to experience everything as it unfolds. But I will say that this was one of the most emotional second-chance romances I’ve ever read. My heart was in my throat when it wasn’t aching or breaking for all that this couple went through. The misunderstandings, mistakes, lapses in judgment all snapped together to build what felt like an impenetrable wall between this young couple.

Twelve years later, they’re finally hashing everything out, clearing the air, and they are gutted by the realizations they make. So much has changed, and while Darby is stronger now than she’s ever been, she still has a fragility about her. While they may have talked it all through, Darby thinks what is between them in the present is insurmountable and Pierce is determined not to let her get away again. They have so much more than their own personal demons to battle, though, and Sanders takes readers along on their journey, painstakingly detailing every single gut-wrenching and heart-healing step of the way.

Ahren Sanders may have ran me through the emotional wringer through most of Pierced Hearts, but she put me back together, too. This was no easy-to-read love story, it was raw, devastating and painful, but it was also beautiful, hopeful and romantic. Sanders filled the pages with a steamy, hard-fought-and-earned, second-chance romance, and this story that will stay with me for a long time to come. Five smooches from me for Pierced Hearts by Ahren Sanders!

~Danielle Palumbo




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