Jul 21

Quarter Miles by Devney Perry Review



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Katherine Gates has been in love with Cash Greer since the moment he saved her life from a runaway goat. According to Cash, she’s the little sister he never had, the greatest roommate in the world and his favorite coworker. They’re friends—best friends.

In the dark days of her youth, it was his friendship that kept her alive and made life in a junkyard worth living. So she’s learned to shove her feelings for Cash down deep, even if that means ignoring eyes that shine brighter than the Montana summer sun and the smile that illuminates the snowiest winter day.

Except with every passing year, the denial takes its toll on her wounded heart until one day Katherine decides to take an impulsive road trip to the Oregon coast. Alone. That is, until Cash cons his way into the passenger seat.

The farther they travel, the harder it is to pretend. And when she confesses her feelings, she learns that Cash has some secrets of his own. Secrets that will either bond them together.

Or rip them apart.

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Another book into Devney Perry’s fantastic Runaway series, and it’s official. This series has me swooning all the swoons, feeling all the feels and loving each new book even more than I loved the last. The premise of this series is incredibly original, and Perry’s writing has been fresh and creative. For me personally, the benchmark of a truly unique and memorable story is the struggle of wanting to race through a story while simultaneously wanting to slow down enjoy the ride. So far, each of these books in this series has been that special kind of story that I couldn’t read fast enough yet didn’t want to end.

Katherine Gates knew when she arrived at the Greer ranch in Montana that she found what had been looking for—a home. Twelve years later, she’s not only worked her way up to general manager of the posh resort but she’s an honorary Greer family member. Middle son, Cash Greer, returned home from college to find three girls working on his family’s ranch, and the message from his family was crystal clear—they were off limits, so into the friend zone was where Katherine went. Cash and Katherine do have a special relationship, though. They’re best friends and roommates. Somewhere along the way, she’s also fell in love with him, which is an unfortunate complication seeing as he doesn’t return the sentiment. She’s learned over the years to push those feelings down, leaving them hidden and unacknowledged. But the older she gets, the more restless she feels as the desire to settle down and start her own family becomes harder to ignore.

Devney Perry penned an emotional story of friendship and family tinged with the bittersweet sting of unrequited love in Quarter Miles. As heartbreaking as it was heartwarming, I couldn’t help but feel for Katherine as she attempted to come to terms with her feelings for her best friend. Wanting some space and a chance to clear her head and heart of these one-sided emotions, she prepares to head out on a road trip to the coast to surprise an old friend and deliver a piece of their shared history. Unbeknownst to Katherine, however, Cash learns of her plan and is in the passenger seat, riding shotgun, before she can even get the car out of park. Katherine’s not the only one who has time to think out there on the open road, though. Cash has a couple of revelations and realizations of his own as well. All of these new and confusing emotions lead to a few arguments and awkward moments. Pile on years of unacknowledged lust and attraction, and it’s no surprise when it all bubbles over and explodes into passion.

I love a good friends-to-lovers romance, and Quarter Miles was a fantastic one. It was sweet, it was sexy, and there was so much genuine emotion within this hard fought love story. Cash and Katherine captured my attention in the previous book, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. Devney did not let me down, she delivered an unputdownable story that managed to both satisfy me while leaving me hungry for more. Five smooches from me for Quarter Miles by Devney Perry!

~Danielle Palumbo




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