Apr 04

Reckless Romance by Maggie Riley Review


4 Smooches!

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Josh Lawson–he’s got the body of an athlete, muscles galore, and thick, tousled bed head hair. He’s always Mr. Serious, but when he smiles it transforms his entire face. I’d quietly lose my cool if that smirk were ever directed at me.

But playboys like him don’t go for theatre nerds like me. Especially when the playboy in question is a strong silent type who is my opposite in every way.

I definitely am NOT in love with my best friend’s brother. So why do I find myself dreaming/lusting over his broad shoulders and incredible arms? And why did we practically hook up on the dance floor at his sister’s wedding? I can’t get him out of my mind.


Reagan Bennett is not my type. She’s happy, artistic, and deserves the real deal. I’m moody and only good for a one night stand. But after our impromptu sleepover, I can’t get her out of my head.

She’s got legs for miles. She’s creative in all the right ways: she knows all the best spots in New York City and she’s passionate about everything she does. Plus, her chocolate chip pancakes are killer.

She’s everything good. I’m not gonna be the one to bring her down.

But the more time we spend together, the harder it is to keep my hands off her. I want her. Hell, I need her. It might be reckless, but it also might be love.


Reagan is definitely not in love with her best friend’s brother and yet no matter how many time she says that, she can’t stop thinking about him or his sexy, moody, silent ways and amazing body. Or the fact that they spent one amazing night together at her best friend’s wedding. Josh knows Reagan deserves more than him, she is loud, creative, fun and he is moody and silent. He knows he should leave her alone to find better, than being with her would be reckless, but maybe a reckless romance will turn into love? If they both really want it to that is. 

“But whatever fantasies I had about Josh and his sexy laugh would have to remain that—fantasies. Because not only was he my friend’s brother, he wasn’t the kind of guy who went for a girl like me.”

This was a fun and flirt romance with really loveable characters. I really loved Josh and Reagan’s opposite personalities and I loved the building of their relationship, from trying to pretend that they didn’t like each other, to friends, and then to more than that. It was a great feel good, funny, happy and sexy read! 

 “My sister had given Reagan an impossible task—bring back the guy I had been when I had my dream job and my dream life. But that job and that life was gone. And so was that guy.”

Reagan and Josh have got to be one of my favourite couples! They were complete opposites of each other and yet, at the same time, they were perfect for each other. Reagan was so happy, lively, determined, fun and always being the positive and caring person. She was so easy to like and you just wanted her to achieve her dreams in both her love life and work life. Josh on the other hand was quite silent, moody and unable to get himself out of the funk he was feeling after injuring himself and not being able to carry on with his career. Despite this though he still remained quite endearing. His love for the people he cared about like his sister and adorable niece was so beautiful to read about and despite his sometime moodiness, you could see straight from the beginning he didn’t want to upset Reagan with his unhappy demeanour, he wanted to look out for her and help keep her the happy person she is.

“You’re luminous and inspiring and I feel happy around you. So damn happy. I would do anything to make you smile. And you’re sexy as hell,”

If your looking for a great romance read then this is it. You will fall in love with the characters and the development of their relationship alone will keep you hooked. We do have drama from horrible ex’s and snobby parents, some heart ache and moments that make you want to shout, “what are you doing you idiot!!,” but overall you will just fall in love with Reagan and Josh and their growing relationship. You will be cheering for their HEA from the get go. 

“He kissed me as if he couldn’t get enough. As if he couldn’t control himself. My knees buckled as he deepened the kiss, his tongue hot and greedy in my mouth. It felt good. So fricking good. I never wanted this moment, this kiss, to end. I wanted to live inside this perfect, wonderful moment of time.”