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PUCK YES, a new MFM fake marriage, hockey romance from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Lauren Blakely, is available now!

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I’ve got a big problem. I’m falling for my fake husband and my secret boyfriend at the same time.



The hotshot new hockey player, the veteran team captain, and the woman they fall for when she becomes the new team mascot in a fake marriage hockey rom com!

When my ex trades me out for a better model—my boss—I don’t take getting screwed over lying down.

Instead, I get a glow up, not only landing a new job with the hockey team but also scoring the city’s hot new hockey player as my plus one to my ex’s wedding. Then, the sexy team captain starts flirting with me, too.

But one night after a win, I accidentally marry that intense new guy after the captain dares us to say I do. One dare leads to another, and I’m experiencing double the pleasure as I say puck yes to both players sharing me on my wedding night.

In the morning, when hubby and I are on our way to get an annulment, the team owner spots our rings and invites the new it couple to attend her upcoming charity golf tournament.

Looks like I have to fake it as Mrs. Hockey for the hockey season and the wedding season. There’s only one problem.

We’re not just a couple. Both guys want more of me.

And pretty soon I’ve got a bigger problem – I’m falling for my fake husband and my secret boyfriend at the same time.

Puck Yes is a standalone hockey, fake marriage, neighbors-to-lovers, spicy workplace MFM romance with a guaranteed why-choose style HEA! No swords cross. This story is perfect for fans of Lily Gold, Emily Rath and Lauren Blakely’s Double Pucked!




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Narrated in duet by Samantha Brentmoor, Jacob Morgan and Teddy Hamilton


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“A passionate, clever and heartfelt sports romance with a twist…” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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This isn’t how you kiss the bride. This is how you kiss a woman you want to pin down, tie up, and f*ck.

There’s just one more thing I want…

I look to the door again, but my brain goes blurry as Hayes devours my mouth mercilessly, his strong arms keeping me in place, his stubble likely leaving whisker burn. I can’t move, and I don’t want to. Not as his tongue plunders my mouth. Not as he lets go of his grip on my ass to wander a hand up my body. Not as the creak of a door oh-so-faintly registers in my mind. Hayes dives in and delivers more carnal kisses until we’re panting and gasping for air. I’m so aroused I can barely think about the sound of the lock slipping into place.

But somewhere in my mind, a voice tells me to pay attention.

My eyes float open, and I feel like a bunny spotted by a wolf in the woods at night. My pulse soars as my gaze locks with Stefan’s. His blue eyes aren’t icy now. They’re fire. His lips part as he stares at me.

This is what I want.

“I dropped my key card for my room,” Stefan says, but there’s no apology or shame in his voice.

Hayes barely pulls back from me. “How convenient,” he deadpans against the skin of my neck as Stefan strolls down the aisle, turning away from me.

Is that all Stefan’s here for? He’s not even looking at me as Hayes dives back in, kissing my neck more, draggin his scruffy jaw against my skin deliciously. My pulse rockets with unchecked need as I watch Stefan walk–the cut of his shoulders in his dress shirt that stretches across his broad back, the shape of his ass, strong, rounded, and so damn muscular it should be illegal.

Most of all, his attitude.

Like it’s no big deal to walk in on us. Desire coils in my chest, travels down my belly, then settles between my thighs in a sweet ache. Even as Hayes slides a hand down my arm, I’m watching Stefan while he grabs his card from the floor and turns around.

The smile he sends me is pure gamesmanship.

“Don’t stop on my account,” Stefan remarks with a casual shrug. “I’m here for the show.”




About Lauren Blakely:

A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s sweet, sexy and witty. She also writes USA Today bestselling LGBTQ romance.

With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, with more than 65 titles on the USA Today Bestsellers list alone. She’s sold more than 5 million books. A Brown University graduate, Lauren likes dogs, cake and show tunes and is the vegetarian at your dinner party.

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