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Let the brawl begin…



On Ronan Thatcher’s first week in Montana, he spots the most beautiful woman in the world. Love at first sight? Nah. He doesn’t believe in love. But he wouldn’t mind a date or two with the local beauty. Ronan is the type of man who gets what he wants, and he wants Larke Hale.

Except Calamity’s sweetheart has sworn off men. The last time Ronan was rejected was, well . . . never. Yet Larke dismisses him without even batting those pretty brown eyes.

Bruised ego in check, he’s about to walk away when a teenager marches into his office and asks to hire Ronan as her lawyer. Something about a bad grade and a ruined grade point average that will inevitably destroy her future. He’s about to lecture the kid for being melodramatic until he learns that the teacher she wants to sue is Larke.

Suddenly this frivolous lawsuit seems like a bright idea. Ronan wants Larke’s attention and this is guaranteed to snag it. So let the brawl begin.




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“…a heart-warming and heat-filled love story, full angsty emotion, crackling sexual chemistry, an engrossing storyline and interesting side characters.” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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“This is my first trip to the White Oak,” he said, bending and stretching and looking far, far too attractive for my own good. “I had the special.”

“Their sandwiches are always great.” Tonight’s was a french dip.

“Maybe I could buy you one sometime.” He stacked the cups for Wren, his gaze flicking to mine.

Two years ago, I would have let him buy me dinner. Without question. I would have gotten lost in the colors of those hazel eyes and made some decisions that would have most likely ended with me in tears, drowning my sorrows in ice cream and pizza.

But the Larke from two years ago wasn’t the woman sitting at the White Oak tonight.

Sure, I missed sex. My vibrator wasn’t the same as toe-curling, can’t-get-enough-of-each-other, addictive sex. But my priority was Wren. So I gave him a kind smile, because he’d been kind to my daughter.

“Have a good night, Ronan.”

He blinked, his forehead furrowing, as he studied me.

I concentrated on Wren. The cups went back into my purse. I held my breath, hoping that he would take the rejection gracefully. The last thing I needed tonight was a scene.

Ronan hovered beside the table for a moment while I braced for the worst. An angry comment. A criticism. In my experience, most hot guys were assholes, especially when their ego was bruised.

But instead of doing what I expected, he surprised me. Not many people surprised me these days.

Ronan smiled. A blinding smile of straight, white teeth and soft lips. If he had been handsome before, his smile made him irresistible now. Almost.

I’d perfected resisting men in the past two years.

“Good to see you again, Larke. Enjoy your dinner.” He dipped his chin, like a bow, then winked at my daughter. “Nice to meet you, Wren.”

Then Ronan strode through the restaurant, lifting a hand to wave at Marcy.

She waved back, her cheeks flushing.

Never, in all my years of coming to the White Oak, had I seen Marcy blush.

I tracked his every step to the front door.

He paused, looking back at my table, flashing me that smile again. It was brimming with confidence. With challenge.

I’d told him no. Twice.

Ronan seemed like a man who didn’t often hear no from women. Given the glint in his eye, I had the sneaking suspicion I’d get another chance to say it again.

I wasn’t into guys who couldn’t take a hint.

So why did the idea of telling Ronan no seem like a lot of fun?



About Willa Nash:

Willa Nash is USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry’s alter ego, writing contemporary romance stories for Kindle Unlimited. Lover of Swedish Fish, hater of laundry, she lives in Washington State with her husband and two sons. She was born and raised in Montana and has a passion for writing books in the state she calls home.

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