REVIEW: Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn


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Sometimes the wedding of the century calls for desperate measures.

And sometimes those desperate measures are to pretend the person you hate most is actually your boyfriend.

After years of working her tail off at her event-planning business, Maggie Mitchell is ready for a vacation. With nothing on her mind but R & R, she’s enjoying the warm weather of Bora Bora when in saunters Brody McFadden, her brother’s best friend and also her sworn enemy. Thanks to years of tension between the two―kicked off by a make-out session at her brother’s wedding that ended horribly―Maggie has sworn to stay away from the man. That is, until she finds out he’s in Bora Bora for his boss’s daughter’s wedding, hoping to use the trip to win a real future at the company.

Maggie promised herself she wouldn’t even think of work on the island, but as word spreads about the “wedding of the century” taking place in the midst of her vacation, she realizes offering her services as a bridesmaid and planner could bring her business to the next level. The only catch? She needs to pose as Brody’s girlfriend to get the job…while letting him stay in her peaceful bungalow.

Tensions rise, irritation flairs, and despite years’ worth of bickering behind closed doors, Maggie can’t quite squash the sparks building between her and her new fake boyfriend, especially when she learns the real reason their first kiss was cut short. But as the wedding day draws closer and everything starts to go wrong, it just might be Brody who sends Maggie’s business crashing down―and her heart along with it.

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Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn was an amusing and entertaining romantic comedy that showcased the author’s exceptional storytelling skills. In this enemies-to-lovers, fake-dating rom-com, Quinn weaves a tale of unexpected love and undeniable chemistry. I listened to the audiobook, performed in duet by two of my favorite narrators, Erin Mallon and Jason Clarke, was excellent. They both delivered wonderful performances, capturing the essence of their characters and bringing them to life for the listener.

The witty banter and sizzling sexual tension between Maggie, the confident, outgoing wedding planner, and Brody, the broody and gruff hero, may have drew me in, but their hilarious mishaps and heartfelt moments kept me glued to my Air Pods as I practically inhaled this story. Quinn expertly delves into the emotional complexities of fake dating your most despised enemy as she explored the trials and tribulations of a relationship built on deception. I swooned, swore and stressed the whole situation right along with Maggie and Brody as their relationship morphed from adversarial to amorous. A quintessential Meghan Quinn romantic comedy, Bridesmaid for Hire is a not-to-be-missed, must-read for lovers of the enemies-to-lovers and fake dating tropes. Five smooches from me for Meghan Quinn’s Bridesmaid for Hire!

~Danielle Palumbo



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